Olympus Heights Walkthrough
Olympus Heights

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1 - Arrival

You awaken on a bed in Tenenbaum's Safehouse, where the German scientist has holed up with her many "little ones." She explains that you were just Fontaine's tool this whole time, brought back to Rapture to save him. She's apparently angry with the man too, as she tells you that she undid some of Fontaine's mental conditioning while you slept. This will supposedly help you resist at least some of Fontaine's commands.

Your mind was created "with many locks and keys," she says. Fontaine may possess most of them, but Suchong taught him everything he knows about mind control. Tenenbaum suggests that you search Suchong's flat in Mercury Suites for more answers on how to get rid of your puppetmaster. When you're ready to be on your way, follow the Little Sister beckoning you through the safehouse and out the big door to the north.

2 - Code Yellow

When Fontaine realizes the "Mother Goose has been playing around in your egg salad," he issues the command "Code Yellow." This tells your heart to stop beating, which in turn lowers your maximum health. Unfortunately, the effects of Fontaine's string-pulling will be recurring as you venture through the rest of Rapture. Move quick.

3 - Sewer Winch

Grab the Gate Crank lying in the southeast corner next to the corpse, place it on the socket to the west, and then use the winch to raise the door leading out of the sewers.

4 - Safe

Kill the two Splicers digging through the debris here, then loot the steamer trunks and hack the safe inside the overturned train car. Inside, you'll find four Electric Buck, eighty-four Napalm, and two First Aid Kits.

5 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

6 - Machine Gun Turret

Given the fact that you're probably going to be facing a Big Daddy shortly, I'd recommend hacking this turret instead of simply destroying it.

7 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

If this Elite Rosie doesn't have a Little Sister tagging along when you first see it, give her some time. She'll pick one up from a vent shortly, and when she does, you can use the two nearby machine gun turrets to your advantage during the battle.

If you save this Little Sister and have saved all others previously, then Tenenbaum will send you another pile of goodies. Check the Gatherer's Garden vending machine at area #9. Should you want to hammer out both Little Sisters right away on this level, you can just spend a little more time hovering around this area. Another Big Daddy and Little Sister will spawn in a few minutes.

8 - Machine Gun Turret

This second turret will come in handy against the Elite Rosie at area #7, so go ahead and hack it before it fills you full of too many holes.

9 - Gatherer's Garden Vending Machine

If you've saved every Little Sister up to this point in the game, then the latest gift from Tenenbaum will be sitting in front of this machine. Check the teddy bear for two hundred Adam, the Armored Shell 2 combat tonic, and twelve Incendiary Bolts.

In addition, you'll find that this vending machine is selling the Winter Blast 3 plasmid, the Insect Swarm 3 plasmid, the Incinerate! 3 plasmid, and the Speedy Hacker 2 engineering tonic. Time for a shopping spree.

10 - Audio Diary #102

Resting on the edge of this bar is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Mozart Of Genetics" and is narrated by Suchong.

11 - Security Camera

You want to consider utilizing this security camera during your fight with the Elite Rosie. Time to crack out the Security Bullseye!

12 - Exit

This bulkhead door leads to Apollo Square. Don't bother heading there until you've freed your mind from Fontaine's control.

13 - Trapped Train Car

This Trap Bolt-infested train car just contains a bunch of snacks, an EVE Hypo, and some Liquid Nitrogen.

14 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

15 - Security Camera

Dodge around this camera's gaze as you enter the Mercury Suites area.

16 - Fontaine's Elevator

This elevator leads up to Frank Fontaine's apartment, but unfortunately the keypad cannot be hacked. Once you've discovered the "Fontaine's Breakup" audio diary on the third floor above you, though, you'll know that the code is "5744."

After realizing that Fontaine has looted the Lot 192 from Tenenbaum's apartment, you have no choice but to take this elevator up to his pad and see if he stashed it there.

17 - Security Camera and Power to the People Station

On the wall opposite the elevator, you'll find both a security camera and a Power to the People station. Hack or destroy the camera, then see what's available to you from Fontaine Futuristic's wondrous machine. You may be running out of good upgrade options at this point in the game, so just pick whichever one might prove useful to you yet.

18 - Dr. Yi Suchong's Apartment

The puppy-killer had to have come up with some sort of solution to your mind troubles, so start snooping around his apartment to see what you can find. Expect to feel the life-threatening effects of Fontaine's influence twice during your time in this apartment.

19 - Audio Diary #103

Lying behind one of the overturned tables is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Fontaine's Human Jukebox" and is narrated by Suchong.

20 - Clever Inventor Tonic and Audio Diary #104

Sitting on the half-submerged desk is the Clever Inventor engineering tonic and a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Mind Control Antidote" and is narrated by Suchong.

Based on Suchong's comments left on the diary, the antidote to the mental influence Fontaine has on you is something called Lot 192. According to Tenenbaum, there are two locations to find Lot 192 - in Suchlong's lab at the Artemis Suites area or on her second floor apartment here in Mercury Suites.

21 - RPG Turret

Once you've emerged from Suchong's apartment armed with the knowledge that Lot 192 exists, you'll encounter an RPG-firing turret in this corner.

22 - Sander Cohen's Apartment

If you didn't kill him back in Fort Frolic, then Sander greets you as you enter his home.

23 - Thuggish Splicer

That's not a corpse propped up against the table - it's just a dormant Thuggish Splicer. Transform him into a corpse in the most violent fashion possible, then grab the Napalm and Liquid Nitrogen underneath the raised end of the table.

24 - Dancing Splicers

These two Houdini Splicers are entertaining Sander with an (elegant?) dance. Enough is enough. Snap some research photos if you still need them, then send them ablaze or blast them to death and wait as Sander comes down to seek revenge.

Cohen is more-or-less just a Houdini Splicer with additional health and a greater teleportation range. Be patient and unleash a plasmid or fire off a few rounds each time he appears. When he finally drops, loot his corpse for cash, some Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, and Sander Cohen's Muse Key. If you want some substandard loot (one hundred Dollars, eight Incendiary Bolts, and three Spider Splicer Organs), you can take the key all the way back to Fort Frolic and unlock the muse box inside Sander's second display case. If you're playing the Xbox 360 version, though, make sure you take a picture of his corpse for an achievement before leaving.

Now that you've forced the psychopathic artist out of his room and killed him, you can go through the previously locked door and climb the stairs up to his room at area #25.

25 - Sander Cohen's Room

The door up to this room is normally locked. However, if you didn't kill Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic and messed with the two Houdini Splicer dancers in his apartment, then the artist will have unlocked it when he came down to punish your transgressions. Making it up to this room is worth an achievement in the Xbox 360 version.

Directly to the left as you walk in is a Power to the People station. If you've found every one up to this point, then there should only be four upgrades left for you to take. Any of these is fine as they're probably not for weapons you use very much.

Sitting by the bed is a Shotgun, with a couple rounds of Electric Buck in the steamer trunk below it. Some other ammunition can be found scattered around the room, while a few bottles of Moonbeam Absinthe and a couple of First Aid Kits can be looted from the bathroom. Sander's toilet decoration is good for a laugh, especially after you've set it on fire with Incinerate and then tossed it around the room with Telekinesis. Eh, ok, let's move on.

26 - Anna Culpepper's Apartment

Anna Culpepper was a musician and artist here in Rapture, though her negativity toward Andrew Ryan raised a few eyebrows (including Ryan's). Keep exploring the apartment to find out what exactly happened to her.

27 - Audio Diary #105

Check the table here for another audio diary. This one is labeled "Artist Woman" and is narrated by Sullivan. It seems Ryan just couldn't let the woman live, so he sent his lackey to kill her.

28 - Security Camera

Not only is there a security camera patrolling this area, but you'll most likely feel the siphoning effects of Fontaine's influence as you pass through here. You really need to find that Lot 172.

29 - Anna's Corpse

Sullivan's dirty work has left Anna to decompose in her bathtub. Pay your respects, then grab her cash and head back downstairs.

30 - Bridgette Tenenbaum's Apartment

The door to Tenenbaum's apartment is locked, so you'll have to find another way in. Try the third floor.

31 - Abandoned Apartment

This abandoned apartment was apparently inhabited by a few Little Sisters at one time, though the three of them (and two Splicers) now lie dead on the couches before you.

32 - Safe

Check behind the bed for a safe containing six Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds, two Brass Tubes, and some cas.

33 - Security Camera

Watch your step as you reach the third floor or this security camera will call in a wave of bots.

34 - Abandoned Apartment

Even though this apartment is mostly empty, you might as well sift through its corpses and containers for a selection of loot. Just be careful of the few Splicers inhabiting it and the Trap Bolts that have been laid out for unsuspecting intruders.

35 - Paparazzi and Audio Diary #106

This dead paparazzi had set up a tripod to keep tabs on Frank Fontaine. Grab the film lying about, then snatch up the audio diary resting on the storage crate. This one is labeled "Fontaine's Breakup" and is narrated by, you guessed it, Paparazzi. Listen carefully for the code to the elevator ("5744") leading up to Fontain's apartment.

36 - Bridgette Tenenbaum's Apartment, Second Floor

Lucky for you, there's a massive hole busted through the wall leading into the second floor of Tenenbaum's apartment. Avoid the Trap Bolts and grab the First Aid Kit and EVE Hypo by the bathtub if you need them.

37 - Lot 192 Missing

Rather than nabbing yourself some Lot 192, you'll only find another ransacked room in Tenenbaum's apartment with "Whore!!" scribbled on the wall. Tenenbaum will come over your shortwave radio and speculate that Fontaine took the Lot 192 up to his apartment, which can only be accessed by the elevator down on the first floor of Mercury Suites.

38 - Machine Gun Turret and Safe

This room on the first floor of Tenenbaum's apartment can only be accessed via the stairway down from the second floor. Hack or disable the machine gun turret guarding the safe here, then loot its contents. You can expect to find a couple bottles of Alcohol, six Incendiary Bolts, and some cash.

39 - Frank Fontaine's Apartment

Good ol' Franky lives pretty lavishly, at least by Rapture's standards. Expect some Splicer resistance and a single machine gun turret within this initial hallway. There's a Vita-Chamber and a Health station to your right, in case you need them.

40 - Security Camera

You'll want to hack or destroy this camera before heading thorugh the door and continuing up the stairs to the north.

41 - Audio Diary #107

Sitting on the coffee table next to the shelves of cigars is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Sad Saps" and is narrated by Frank Fontaine.

42 - Bear Trophy

Behind the massive bear trophy is a steamer trunk containing a nice pile of ammunition - twelve Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, a Proximity Mine, and two Trap Bolts.

43 - Machine Gun Turret and Safe

Wipe out the turret, then crack Fontaine's safe for fifty Liquid Nitrogen, two EVE Hypos, and some cash.

44 - Electric Flesh 2 Tonic and Lot 192

Once you've made it past the two Trap Bolts, you can grab the Electric Flesh 2 combat tonic off of Fontaine's desk and a dosage of Lot 192 from the chemical table. As soon as you consume the Lot 192, Tenenbaum will send you a radio message explaining that while the mental suggestion may be gone, you will most likely experience some side effects. What does this mean, exactly? Well, you're no longer in charge of which plasmid you want to use. Every minute or so, your character will automatically rotate to another assigned plasmid.

Tenenbaum follows up her first radio message with another explaining that you will need a larger dosage of Lot 192 to fully remove the effects of your mind trauma. She suspects that such a dosage can be found in Suchong's lab in Artemis Suites. Head over to area #12 and continue on to Apollo Square.