Smugglers' Hideout Walkthrough
Smugglers' Hideout

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1 - Arrival

You've finally reached the section of Rapture where Atlas' family awaits rescue inside a submarine. As you move down the cave to the north, you'll begin seeing strange visions of your family (remember the picture in your wallet aboard the plane?), after which Atlas will come across your shortwave radio to tell you that you need to open the door into the submarine bay so he can reach his family. Let's keep going.

2 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

3 - Machine Gun Turret and Audio Diary #39

Take a picture of the turret before hacking or destroying it, then loot the Shotgun, EVE Hypo, and various goodies inside the crates. Lying on one of the crates is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Meeting With Fontaine" and is narrated by Peach Wilkins.

4 - Submarine Bay

As you turn this corner, you'll officially enter the "Submarine Bay." Atlas instructs you to continue on to the control room and hit the button inside to open the bay door. Once he's done talking, Andrew Ryan comes over your radio and threatens that "if you press that button, you'll learn what it means to be my enemy." You don't have much choice here, so you'll just have to hope Mr. Ryan is blowing smoke.

5 - Control Panel

You've reached the submarine control room and are ready to activate the Control Panel, therefore allowing Atlas to rejoin his family and, as a result, sending you on your merry way. Finally, your time here in Rapture has come to an end! Or has it?

Once the Control Panel is activated, the lights burn out, an alarm begins to sound, and the doors to your north and south go into lockdown. Atlas charges into the bay area, but he accuses you of blowing a fuse as he can't see inside the submarine to check on his family. While he gets to work on fixing the problem, Ryan begins sending in Splicers to put an end to the rescue. As they descend upon him, a pipe falls and steam blurs your view from what's actually happening down below. Atlas contacts you on the radio again, but this time he says that he has to fall back and that you're now in charge of getting his family out of the submarine.

Your plans for heading topside again have been temporarily put on hold.

6 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

7 - Audio Diary #40

After dealing with a couple of Spider Splicers and a few Leadhead Splicers on the way down, you'll want to make a quick stop in this side chamber. Sitting next to a selection of ammunition and snacks is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Kraut Scientist" and is narrated by Frank Fontaine.

8 - Submarine Bay

Just as you're about to reach Atlas' family, the submarine explodes killing everyone inside (and two Spider Splicers next to it). Atlas cries out on your radio, but he's interrupted by Andrew Ryan who demands to know who you are and why you've come here. "There's two ways to deal with a mystery. Uncover it... or eliminate it."

Shortly thereafter, Atlas returns again and tells you to get the hell out of the submarine bay and head for Arcadia.

9 - Audio Diary #41

This crate has been smashed and its contents spilled. Lying with a handful of snacks is yet another audio diary. This one is labeled "Offered A Deal" and is narrated by Peach Wilkins.

10 - Exit

Open the bulkhead to enter Arcadia.