Point Prometheus Walkthrough
Point Prometheus

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1 - Arrival

When you arrive from Apollo Square, Fontaine will already be waiting for you. He'll toss out a few threats and offer a short display of his Adam-induced strength, then take off running. Chase him down!

2 - Security Bots

As you wait behind a glass door, Fontaine hacks a pair of security bots and sends them after you. A minor inconvenience.

3 - Too Late!

Fontaine realizes that he can't outrun you, so he shoots the control panel as he passes through the museum door here. He's evaded your pursuit, for now.

Tenenbaum comes over your shortwave radio with an idea and suggests that you search a dead Big Daddy. Luckily, there's one over in the southeast corner.

4 - Big Daddy Corpse

Sift through the remains of this slumped-over Big Daddy for a Suit Control System. According to Tenenbaum, you're going to need the help of a Little Sister to get through the door Fontaine just ran through - and that means turning into a Big Daddy to gain their trust. The item you just picked up is the first of six components (Suit Control System, Big Daddy Bodysuit, Big Daddy Boots, Big Daddy Helmet, Big Daddy Pheromone Sample, and Voicebox Modification) you'll need to turn yourself into a Big Daddy. Let's go find the other five.

5 - Power to the People Station

There are only two Power to the People stations left in the game and this is one of them. By now, you probably have all the upgrades you actually wanted, so just take whatever piques your interest most.

6 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

7 - Security Camera and RPG Turret

Before you can explore the rest of the library, you'll want to take out this security camera and the nearby RPG turret.

8 - Damage Research 2 Tonic and Big Daddy Boots

Check the southeast corner of this librarian desk for the Damage Research 2 combat tonic and a pair of Big Daddy Boots. These gargantuan clodhoppers will allow you to make that definitive thumping sound as you walk around.

Pick up all the ammunition lying about the library, then head over to the Failsafe Armored Escorts area.

9 - Gatherer's Garden Vending Machine

Once you've dealt with the RPG turret stationed here, you can peruse the Gatherer's Garden vending machine to the east to pick up any plasmids, tonics, or upgrades you still need. Aside from another round of Health and EVE upgrades, though, there's nothing new to be purchased here.

If you wound up saving all twenty-one Little Sisters in the game (including the three on this level), then there will be a gift waiting for you in front of the machine. Search the teddy bear for two hundred Adam, one hundred Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, and four First Aid Kits.

10 - Security Bots

This room is filled with deactivated security bots. Get to work and hack two of them for a little extra firepower as you walk around the rest of this level. If you lose one (or both), just return here to pick some more up.

11 - Machine Gun and RPG Turrets

The Candidate Conversion room is guarded by two turrets - one machine gun and one RPG.

12 - Safe and Audio Diary #114

Hacking this safe will earn you two Steel Screws, nine Antipersonnel Auto Rounds, and three Kerosene containers. While you're here, check the desk nearby for another audio diary. This one is labeled "Missing Boots" and is narrated by Suchong. That explains why they were lying in the library.

13 - Corpse

A half dozen Trap Bolts guard this corpse and the Crossbow he used to wield. Search the body for some invention components and then grab the weapon and the Steel-Tip Bolts lying underneath it.

14 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

Wandering the Suit Assembly area is this level's first Elite Rosie and a Little Sister. Kill any Splicer stragglers, then take the Big Daddy down so you can harvest or rescue the orphan.

15 - Audio Diary #115

Melt the ice blocking the door to this room, then go inside to grab a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Cheap Son Of A Bitch" and is narrated by Suchong.

16 - Audio Diary #116

Resting atop this control device is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Protector Smell" and is narrated by Suchong.

17 - Audio Diary #117

Setting next to this Gene Bank is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Mistakes" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

18 - Audio Diary #118

Atop this file cabinet is yet another audio diary. This one is labeled "Protecting Little Ones" and is narrated by Suchong.

19 - Big Daddy Bodysuit

Grab one of the Big Daddy Bodysuits hanging from the ceiling here and put it on. Not only does it make you look more like a Little Sister protector, but it grants a 25% resistance to all damage.

20 - Extra Munitions Room

Once you're past the keypad (either by hacking or typing "1921" into it), you can grab three EVE Hypos, a Grenade Launcher, and a large amount of ammunition in this room.

21 - Hacker's Delight 3 Tonic and Big Daddy Helmet

Not only can you grab a Big Daddy Helmet from the Candidate Induction room, but you can pick up the Hacker's Delight 3 physical tonic on the desk here.

22 - Audio Diary #119

Melt away the ice covering the doorway to this storage room to find a bunch of Fontaine Futuristics Genetic Research supplies, a lockbox full of ammo, and a trash can with a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Changing Employers" and is narrated by Suchong.

23 - Security Camera

A single security camera patrols the hallway here in the Optimized Eugenics area.

24 - Audio Diary #120

Check the top of this control device for another audio diary. This one is labeled "Marketing Gold" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

25 - RPG Turrets

A pair of RPG turrets will attempt to keep you from reaching the back of this room.

26 - Power to the People Station and Safe

Here it is, the game's twelfth and final Power to the People station. If you've found all eleven previous stations, then you only have one weapon upgrade choice left to pick from. If you're playing the Xbox 360 version and have now picked up every weapon upgrade, then you just earned an achievement.

Additionally, along the west wall is a safe. Hack it for one hundred Napalm and six Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds.

27 - Security Camera and Safe

The water surrounding this backup generator is brimming with electricity, so be ready to use a First Aid Kit or two as you trudge through it. Walk around the generator and hack or destroy the security camera before turning your attention toward the half-submerged safe. Grab the Electric Buck and three EVE Hypos on top of it, then hack the safe for the cash and six Incendiary Bolts it contains.

28 - RPG Turret and Audio Diary #121

Deal with the RPG turret, then grab the audio diary sitting on the floor. This one is labeled "Extra Munitions" and is narrated by Suchong. Listen to the doctor closely, as he reveals the keypad code ("1921") to the door at area #20.

29 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

You will most likely encounter your second Elite Rosie and Little Sister in the hallway outside of the Live Subject Testing area. There's a security camera hanging overhead, so you might want to hack it before taking the deep sea suit-wearing beast on.

30 - Alarm Expert 2 Tonic and Voicebox Modification Machine

Loot the Alarm Expert 2 engineering tonic sitting on this corner file cabinet, then use the Voicebox Modification Machine to get one step closer to your goal of becoming a Big Daddy.

31 - Security Camera

The hallway leading into the Little Wonders Educational Facility is patrolled by a security camera, as expected. I'd suggest sniping it with your crossbow.

32 - Big Daddy Pheromone Sample and Audio Diary #122

Sitting on the desk here is the first of three Big Daddy Pheromone Samples you're going to need in order to convince the Little Sisters that you're one of their protectors. The other two aren't far.

In addition, lying on another desk here is the game's final audio diary. This one is labeled "Why Just Girls?" and is narrated by Tenenbaum. If you're playing the Xbox 360 version and have listened to every single one of the game's 122 diaries, then you just earned yourself another achievement.

33 - Big Daddy Pheromone Sample

Atop this desk is a second Big Daddy Pheromone Sample.

34 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

This level's third and final Little Sister should be wandering about with her Elite Rosie protector somewhere in this vicinity. If you rescue her and have rescued all previous Little Sisters in the game, then Tenenbaum will send you a final gift to the Gatherer's Garden vending machine at area #9 as a token of her appreciation. If you're playing the Xbox 360 version and have saved all twenty-one Little Sisters, then you just earned yourself another achievement.

35 - Machine Gun Turrets

Two machine gun turrets guard a Shotgun and some Electric Buck ammunition.

36 - Security Camera

A security camera sits above this Gene Bank. Snipe it and head to the back of the room.

37 - Safecracker 2 Tonic and Big Daddy Pheromone Sample

In addition to the Safecracker 2 engineering tonic, you can pick up the third Big Daddy Pheromone Sample on this desk. The transformation is complete! Now all you need to do is call a Little Sister to get you through the door leading to Fontaine.

Before leaving, have a look in the "Temporary Waste Storage" chamber to the north. You'll witness the ghost of a Little Sister pleading with "Papa Suchong" not to be put up on the autopsy table. I'm just glad the bastard wound up on the ugly side of a Big Daddy drill.

38 - Little Sister Hidey-Hole

Well, that's what the posters inside the Little Wonders Educational Facility called 'em. Once you've met all six qualifications to become a Big Daddy, you can bang on this vent with your Wrench to call out a Little Sister. Her health will appear on your screen (you're her protector now) as she scurries through the small opening at the base of the door Fontaine escaped through and opens it from the other side.

39 - Exit

With your new Little Sister escort, open this bulkhead door to continue on to the Proving Grounds.