Farmer's Market Walkthrough
Farmer's Market

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1 - Arrival

Your whole purpose here in the Farmer's Market is to obtain seven containers of Distilled Water and seven honeybee Enzyme Samples so that you can finish constructing the Lazarus Vector. If you've been following this walkthrough, you should have more than enough Chlorophyll Solution by now. If not, you can grab more of the stuff from the Houdini Splicers here in the market.

2 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

3 - Enzyme Sample and Audio Diary #58

Search this woman's corpse to find your first Enzyme Sample. You'll also discover another audio diary lying next to the smashed honey container. This one is labeled "Bee Enzyme" and is narrated by Tashu Denu.

4 - RPG Turret

I'd recommend hacking this turret if you want to send a few rocket-propelled grenades at the Splicers that pass through the vicinity.

5 - EVE Link 2 Tonic

The corpse in front of this vending machine is lying partially on top of an EVE Link 2 physical tonic.

6 - Audio Diary #59

Check this counter for another audio diary. This one is labeled "Pulling Together" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

7 - Machine Gun Turret and Safe

Deal with the machine gun turret however you see fit, then hack the safe for one hundred Liquid Nitrogen, four Frag Grenades, and twenty Antipersonnel Auto Rounds.

8 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

Your first battle with this level's Rosie and Little Sister combination will most likely happen at this point.

9 - Distilled Water and Audio Diary #60

Near these steps, you should find a lone bottle of Distilled Water along with a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Water In Wine" and is narrated by Pierre Gobbi.

10 - Silverwing Apiary and Audio Diary #61

As you walk into the Silverwing Apiary, you'll witness a Thuggish Splicer messing with a container of bees. He'll be swarmed and killed, after which the bees will turn on you. They really don't do that much damage, but they'll annoy you for several seconds until they disperse.

You might as well spend some of your Adam at the Gatherer's Garden vending machine to the south while you're here. Along with the typical upgrades, you'll notice a new plasmid called Insect Swarm. This will give you the ability to conjure up a group of stinging insects and watch as they inflict damage over time to any nearby victims.

Finally, there's a new audio diary on the counter. This one is labeled "Adam Explained" and is narrated by Tenenbaum. And remember Tashu's threats of grabbing her Shotgun in her diary? Along with a box of Electric Buck, you'll find that behind the counter too.

11 - Smoker Controls

These two controls will spray a cloud of smoke into the main bee-infested chamber of the Silverwing Apiary. This will keep the bees at bay for a short period of time so you can search their hives for Enzyme Samples without all that life-threatening stinging action.

12 - Bee Chamber

As long as you activated one of the Smoker Control levers at area #11, you can wander around this area without losing any health. Once the smoke starts to disperse (which is indicated by the rapid clock-like ticking sound), you should make a dash for the controls once again. Unless the bees are suppressed, you'll suffer steady (and deadly!) damage.

There are a couple of things you should do here. First of all, you need to ransack all of the bee hives for any Enzyme Samples they have. As you get closer to your goal of seven samples, Thuggish Splicers will begin entering the area and make it more difficult for you to just loot the place. You'll also want to hack the safe to the south for some cash, three First Aid Kits, and three Enzyme Samples.

Once you have seven Enzyme Samples, it's time to leave the Apiary and head over to the Winery area.

13 - Security Camera, Machine Gun Turret, and Safe

Snap some research photos of the camera and turret, then hack or destroy them to give you some peace while cracking the safe. The loot to be had in the safe includes some cash, two Distilled Waters, and five Alcohol components. Added to the Distilled Water on the floor just to the northwest, you should have at least four of the seven required for the Lazarus Vector.

14 - Audio Diary #62

Atop this table rests another audio diary. This one is labeled "Functional Children" and is narrated by Tenenbaum.

15 - Trap Bolt and Distilled Water

On your way down these stairs, you'll come across an activated Trap Bolt with a jug of Distilled Water on the beam just above. You can use Telekinesis to alter the Trap Bolt's trigger area and then use it again to pull the water down from the beam. That should put you at five of seven.

16 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

17 - Corpse

Search the corpse slumped up against the wall at the end of this hallway for a Shotgun, five 00 Buck, and a Distilled Water.

18 - Distilled Water

If you've been following this walkthrough, then this jug of Distilled Water should be the final component you need to construct the Lazarus Vector. Head to area #19 to start the inventing.

19 - "U-Invent" the Lazarus Vector

Now that you have all the components necessary to construct the Lazarus Vector, pay a visit to this U-Invent station to build your new creation. It's worth noting that if you hack the machine, you should only have to deposit six of each component. Should you still not have enough Distilled Water, there's a jug lying on the floor by the machine.

You'll still want to visit the basement of the Winery (for the Power to the People station at least) and some of the other areas here in the Farmer's Market to pick up any diaries you missed, but then you should head back to Arcadia to help Rapture's plantlife.

20 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

You'll typically run across another Rosie here in the Winery's basement, though she'll only be accompanied by a Little Sister if you haven't yet harvested or rescued two of them on this level.

21 - Power to the People

Activate the half-submerged Power to the People station here to grab yourself another weapon upgrade. The Chemical Thrower Range or Grenade Launcher Damage Immunity upgrades make good choices at this point in the game.

22 - Security Camera

Hack or destroy this security camera to avoid getting swarmed by security bots while you explore the rest of this lower level.

23 - Crawlspace

Crouch down and enter this small room to come face-to-face with a machine gun turret! Move quick to disable or destroy it, then grab the various goodies from inside the room.

24 - Photographer's Eye Tonic

Apparently one of Rapture's citizens actually slept down here. Near the bed mattress, you'll find the Photographer's Eye combat tonic, two jugs of Distilled Water, some cigarettes, an EVE Hypo, and a bunch of Napalm. However, as soon as you grab the tonic, an alarm will sound and three Trap Bolts will fire across the room behind you while Splicers charge the entrance and starting wildly shooting. This might be a good time to crack out the Chemical Thrower and make good use of all the Napalm you just picked up.

25 - Security Camera and Safe

Destroy or disable this security camera, then hack the safe sitting below it for some cash, sixteen Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds, and a Battery. The crawlspace to the north leads to a couple of hanging corpses, but no loot unfortunately.

26 - Audio Diary #63

Propped up against the storage crate in this crawlspace is a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Desperate Times" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan. There's also a First Aid Kit at the top of the shelving unit, if you need it.

27 - Audio Diary #64

Lying in front of the Big Daddy corpse is a new audio diary. This one is labeled "First Encounter" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

28 - Audio Diary #65

Sitting on this half-submerged desk is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Hatred" and is narrated by Tenenbaum.

29 - Keypad

To get past this gate, you'll need to punch in "0512" (this code is learned from the Market Maintenance Code diary found in Hephaestus) or put your hacking skills to the test. Inside the small chamber beyond is some cash, Napalm, Electric Gel, four First Aid Kits, and various invention components.