Apollo Square Walkthrough
Apollo Square

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1 - Arrival

It's time to find another dosage of Lot 192 and put an end to Fontaine's mind tricks once and for all. There's a Vita-Chamber off to your right, just in case you need it.

2 - Audio Diary #108

Next to the tipped-over Circus of Values vending machine lies another audio diary. This one is labeled "What's Happening Here?" and is narrated by Diane McClintock.

3 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

Somewhere in this area, you'll spy your first Elite Rosie and Little Sister fighting off a small group of Splicers. Get in on the action and inflict some damage before they know you're here!

4 - Gene Traitors

If the four men and women hanging from nooses are any indication, it's pretty obvious what happened to the Rapture citizens that were gathered here in Apollo Square.

5 - Gatherer's Garden Vending Machine and Audio Diary #109

You won't be able to use this Gatherer's Garden until you've consumed a second dose of Lot 192. Even then, there are no plasmids or tonics available that you haven't seen before. However, if you saved all the Little Sisters up to this point (including the two on this level), then you can expect another gift here. This time, Tenenbaum has sent you two hundred Adam, the Prolific Inventor engineering tonic, and one hundred and fifty Liquid Nitrogen.

Additionally, sitting next to the vending machine is a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Atlas Lives" and is narrated by Diane McClintock.

6 - Machine Gun Turret

Who the hell planted all these damn turrets, anyway?

7 - Security Camera

Directly above this Health station is another security camera. Might as well hack them both while you're here.

8 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

9 - Security Camera

This camera patrols the ground floor of the Artemis Suites.

10 - Machine Gun Turret

A machine gun turret guards the first floor bathroom. There's a Grenade Launcher, Proximity Mine, and Frag Grenade lying nearby, but I'm surprised anyone felt the need to protect them with a turret.

11 - Security Camera and Machine Gun Turret

Dr. Yi Suchong's free clinic is monitored by this single security camera and guarded by a machine gun turret just around the corner. Blast both devices and move on - they're the only things that stand in between you and another dose of Lot 192.

12 - Lot 192 and Audio Diary #110

It seems Suchong finally got what was coming to him. Yi is lying on the table here, impaled by the drill of a Big Daddy bouncer. An audio diary labeled "Protection Bond" lies on the floor, in which the prick doctor unknowingly documents his own demise.

Leave him to rot and go drink the Lot 192 on the chemical table to the north. This will prompt a radio message from Tenenbaum, who tells you to make your way to Point Prometheus now that your mind is finally operating like normal.

13 - Medical Expert 3 Tonic

A blood-spattered Medical Expert 3 physical tonic lies next to this toilet.

14 - Machine Gun Turret

Once you've consumed the second dosage of Lot 192, a machine gun turret will spawn just outside the free clinic.

15 - RPG Turret

Before you can fully explore the third floor of the Artemis Suites, you'll have to deal with yet another turret.

16 - Safe

The safe in this bathroom/developing room contains cas, six Proximity Mines, and two First Aid Kits.

17 - Machine Gun Turret

Someone really went crazy with the turrets on this level. Hack or destroy it, it's up to you.

18 - Security Camera

Watch out for the security camera along this east wall.

19 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

You'll most likely encounter this level's second Elite Rosie and Little Sister near this area. If you've saved every Little Sister up to this point, then you'll earn another gift from Tenenbaum once this one is exorcised. Backtrack to the Gatherer's Garden to reap your reward.

20 - Vita-Chamber

Another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders.

21 - RPG Turret

The RPG turret here on the second floor is positioned in such a way that it can fire on you as soon as you enter Fontaine's Center for the Poor. You'll want to make this your first priority when you get here.

Unfortunately, the rest of the second level is pretty quiet and not worth mentioning in this walkthrough.

22 - Audio Diary #111

Once the RPG turret has been dealt with, search this steamer trunk for a new audio diary. This one is labeled "Meeting Atlas" and is narrated by Diane McClintock.

23 - Boarded Room

Smash through the boards that stand between you and this fifth floor room. Inside is a Chemical Thrower and a gaping hole that you can jump down to reach the previously inaccessible fourth floor room.

24 - Chained Room

Dropping down the hole from the fifth floor room, you can loot this room of its two First Aid Kits, EVE Hypo, and ammunition. You'll have to crouch through the window to get back out.

25 - Munition Stockroom

You might not be able to physically reach the various weapons and ammunition in this room, but that doesn't mean you can't snatch them out of the air with a little Telekinesis.

26 - Security Camera

Another damn security camera monitors this stairway.

27 - Power to the People Station

Having descended the stairway inside the fifth floor room above, you can reach this previously inaccessible fourth floor room and make use of this Power to the People station. If you've found all the stations so far, you should only have three upgrades left to choose from.

28 - Focused Hacker 2 Tonic, Safe, and Audio Diaries #112 & #113

Jackpot! In addition to the Focused Hacker 2 engineering tonic, you can hack the safe here for cash, eight Electric Buck, and two Brass Tubes.

Additionally, there are two audio diaries here. The one lying by the tonic is labeled "The Longest Con" and is narrated by Frank Fontaine. The one on Diane McClintock's corpse is labeled "Today's Raid" and is narrated by the dead woman herself.

29 - Elevator

On your way down this elevator toward Point Prometheus, our good buddy Frank realizes he might be in trouble and comes over the shortwave radio to offer a deal. "You, me, a submarine topside, and more Adam than you could possible imagine..." Mmmhmmm.

30 - Exit

Take the bathysphere to Point Prometheus. You've got a score to settle.