Research Camera
Research Camera - Try This! The Research Camera allows you to take photos of the various enemies in Rapture and use them to expose their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The quality of each picture is very important - the higher the quality, the better your research is. Keep your opponent well-centered in the photo and at a close (but not too close!) distance. Snapping a photo of the opponent "in action" or managing to get a group of opponents in the same photo increases the quality. Taking pictures of the same enemy or waiting until after they're dead reduces the quality.

We recommend that you research every type of enemy to its maximum potential, as it will earn you significant bonuses and access to otherwise unobtainable tonics. If you're taking too much damage while trying to snap photos, try hitting the subject with Electro Bolt, Insect Swarm, or Winter Blast first to keep them immobilized while you take care of business. You should also make a point of taking photos of any Big Daddies or Little Sisters before a fight breaks out.

For a full list of the bonuses and tonics earned from research, click here.


Film Film
Each unit of film allows you to take one research photo. The film will not be used up unless the picture actually develops.
This "ammunition" has a carry capacity of 100 and a load capacity of 100.