Wilson (EE)
Name: Wilson

Race: Grizzly Bear (M)

Alignment: True Neutral

Class: Grizzly Bear
  • STR 19
  • DEX 9
  • CON 18
  • INT 4
  • WIS 4
  • CHA 4

A bear of refined taste and delicate sensibilities, Wilson spent his first five years living an idyllic life in the wild. This was shattered when he was captured by a man named Jolstead, a cruel trapper who sold his victims to the highest bidder. Though imprisoned and forced to live in deplorable conditions, Wilson nevertheless retained his innate optimism for the future and a remarkably gentle nature for a bloody great bear.

  • None

Special Abilities:
  • Animal Rage

Proficiencies (9):
  • Two-Weapon Style +++

Starting Equipment:
  • None

Starting Location:
Twofold Temple (Outside)

How to Acquire:
To recruit Wilson, you'll need to talk to him and then free him from Jolstead.

Ending Storyline:
Among those who speak the animal tongues, the tales of Wilson the bear's adventures are well-known and loved. A defender of the weak and a tireless crusader for peace in a world rife with violence, Wilson's courage and heroism are the stuff of legend in the animal kingdoms. The legends of Wilson passed down through the generations are countless, but a few stand out. A favorite among the deer and gazelle, and to a lesser extent the hyenas, is the story of how he freed countless species from the tyrannical rule of a corrupt Lion Kingdom. After ending his own kind's murderous rampage against fish, he was the first and only mammal ever to be made a saint to the salmon. But perhaps his greatest triumph came when he forged a lasting peace in the ages-old conflict between cats and dogs. For all these things and more, Wilson is remembered fondly by all good and steadfast members of the wild kingdom. He died peacefully during hibernation at the age of thirty-seven, surrounded by family and friends.