Name: Jan Jansen

Race: Gnome (M)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Class: Mage (Illusionist) / Thief
  • STR 9
  • DEX 17
  • CON 15
  • INT 16
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 10

When asked about his past, Jan stops tinkering with his gadgets and states that, despite all claims to the contrary, turnip beer has wondrous medicinal properties in addition to its fine taste.

Skills (Level 7/8):
  • Open Locks 75
  • Find Traps 80
  • Pick Pockets 60
  • Move Silently 20
  • Hide in Shadows 15
  • Detect Illusion 70
  • Set Traps 5

Special Abilities:
  • Create Bruiser Mates
  • Set Snare

Proficiencies (Level 7/8):
  • Crossbow +
  • Dagger +
  • Quarterstaff +
  • Short Sword +

Starting Equipment:
  • Flasher Launcher
  • Jansen AdventureWear
  • Jansen Spectroscopes
  • Jansen Techno-Gloves

Starting Location:
Government District

How to Acquire:
To recruit Jan, you'll need to protect him from Trax the tax collector, or rescue him from prison.

Ending Storyline:
Jan Jansen's life following his association with Charname was typically convoluted, the barest of details hidden amidst his half-truths and whole lies. According to his published memoirs, "A Jansen in Every Port," after a short prison term for monkey smuggling, he returned to his first love... monkey smuggling. This led to the now infamous Gibbon Riot of '72, a tumultuous and altogether unclean event that seemed to center on the estate of the Shadow Thief Vaelag. Jan would deny that he had planned the downfall of the rogue, but he was unable to explain what practical application he had intended for a horde of knife-wielding simians. Nevertheless, the death of the admittedly disliked and generally suspect Vaelag could not be attributed to the young gnome. Strangely enough, Jan had alibis for each and every second of the day in question, and what a day it must have been! Relatives from across the realms came forward to say that he had stopped in for tea and turnips. At his later wedding to Lissa, Jan was asked how he managed to be in so many places at once and yet still so far from the scene of the crime. "Well," Jan would say, "when you have that many monkeys, anything is possible."