Name: Cernd

Race: Human (M)

Alignment: True Neutral

Class: Druid (Shapeshifter)
  • STR 13
  • DEX 9
  • CON 13
  • INT 12
  • WIS 18
  • CHA 15

When asked about his past, Cernd declares in a steady and modest tone that it has been his honor to serve nature in whatever capacity she did call upon him. It is clear that he is a dedicated servant, and though his demeanor is contemplative and well measured, you are certain that he would not hesitate to risk himself if it would best serve the greater balance.

  • None

Special Abilities:
  • Shapeshift: Werewolf

Proficiencies (Level 10):
  • Dagger +
  • Quarterstaff +
  • Scimitar / Wakizashi / Ninjato +
  • Sling +

Starting Equipment:
  • Cloak of the High Forest +1
  • Staff of the High Forest +2

Starting Location:
Trademeet (Mayor's House)

How to Acquire:
You'll meet Cernd during the Animal Troubles quest in Trademeet. To recruit him, you'll just need to release him from the mayor's basement.

Ending Storyline:
With his guidance no longer needed, Cernd left Charname's company and reunited with his son, Ahsdale. His duty to nature constantly called him away, however, and the boy grew bitter. Years later, Cernd attained the title of Great Druid but stopped the ascension when he learned that his long-estranged child now wielded twisted magics and commanded an army threatening the Sword Coast. Cernd abdicated, citing that he could not hold such responsibility when he had been so grossly deficient in his personal obligations. Neither Cernd nor Ahsdale would survive when they finally met in battle. They were strangers to each other, and the only common ground they found was where they fell, a spot that gave rise to a wondrous oak that turns the gravest of reds at season's change.