Name: Nalia de'Arnise

Race: Human (F)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Mage / Thief
  • STR 14
  • DEX 18
  • CON 16
  • INT 17
  • WIS 9
  • CHA 13

When asked about her past, Nalia is a bit hesitant. She comes from a wealthy landowning family headed by Lord de'Arnise, and while she speaks of her relatives with affection, the fact of her upbringing seems to embarrass her at the same time. Nalia clearly identifies more with the "poorer classes"... but also looks upon them with the eyes of the privileged. She has been educated and taught the magical arts, as per her dead mother's wishes, but Nalia states that her years of sneaking out of the castle have taught her the other side of life as well. She still has much to learn about life beyond her caste, however, and she knows it... and she is sure adventuring is the answer.

Skills (Level 9/4):
  • Open Locks 60
  • Find Traps 80
  • Pick Pockets 35
  • Move Silently 20
  • Hide in Shadows 15
  • Detect Illusion 0
  • Set Traps 5

Special Abilities:
  • Set Snare

Proficiencies (Level 9/4):
  • Dagger +
  • Dart +
  • Quarterstaff +
  • Short Sword +
  • Shortbow +

Starting Equipment:
  • De'Arnise Signet Ring
  • Short Sword
  • Shortbow

Starting Location:
Slums District (Copper Coronet)

How to Acquire:
To recruit Nalia, you'll just need to talk to her and agree to help her free de'Arnise Keep.

Ending Storyline:
Nalia grew quite powerful after her association with Charname. Initially, she traveled, learning magical lore and making influential friends, but after a year, she returned to Amn and her family home of de'Arnise Keep. She found it in the control of none other than Isaea Roenall, but she was no longer the wayward child that he expected and single-handedly brought him to justice for his indiscretions. She declared herself the inheritor of her father's ducal title, becoming a beloved ruler, respected archmage, and eventually earning a seat on the Council of Six itself. She would become a prominent figure in Amn for many years, constantly fighting for the good of the common folk and making many frustrated enemies among the nobility and Cowled Wizards both.