Name: Edwin Odesseiron

Race: Human (M)

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Class: Mage (Conjurer)
  • STR 10
  • DEX 10
  • CON 16
  • INT 18
  • WIS 10
  • CHA 10

When asked about how he came to be in the employ of the Shadow Thieves, Edwin sneers that it is none of your business. In his opinion, you are lucky enough to have encountered him at all, and further inquiries beyond this initial boon will only serve to tempt the fates. Despite his obstinate nature, there is a hint that his present circumstance is not all that favorable, and his willingness to join with you contradicts his supposed distaste for the company of others. Edwin ignores speculation about his recent past, but he does appear to have placed less emphasis on the Red Wizard colors he has so brazenly displayed in the past. It is an understandable act for a wizard traveler in mage-fearing Amn.

  • None

Special Abilities:
  • None

Proficiencies (Level 9):
  • Dagger +
  • Quarterstaff +

Starting Equipment:
  • Adventurer's Robe or Robe of Red Flames (EE, only if imported)
  • Dagger
  • Edwin's Amulet
  • Quarterstaff

Starting Location:
Docks District (Mae'Var's Guildhall)

How to Acquire:
To recruit Edwin, you'll have to complete a handful of quests for Mae'Var and Edwin in Mae'Var's Guildhall.

Ending Storyline:
Edwin gained great renown in his travels with Charname, and in the years following their association, he would exploit that infamy. In time, he achieved enough influence to subjugate even the Red Wizards themselves, becoming the greatest leader they had known in recent memory. Very recent memory, it turns out, as he was deposed scant days later. Such is the brief nature of conquerors in Thay, practically lining up for their turn in power. His only notable appearance following this embarrassment was in battle with Elminster of Shadowdale himself, a short affair that saw the end of Edwin's existence in the realms. Edwina, however, tends bar in a Waterdeep tavern. She is a bitter, bitter woman.