Sarevok (TOB)
Name: Sarevok Anchev

Race: Human (M)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Class: Fighter
  • STR 18/100
  • DEX 18
  • CON 17
  • INT 14
  • WIS 12
  • CHA 13

When asked about his past, Sarevok has little to add beyond what you already know. He grew up a homeless urchin in the streets until he was adopted by his foster father into the Iron Throne. He studied the art of intimidation, the cruelest and most brutal styles of combat, in order to become a Deathbringer that could paralyze an opponent in melee through fear alone... as well as sometimes killing the most powerful of opponents in a single, massive blow. Sarevok had an ambition that did not die even when his body did... as you well know now. Sarevok keeps mostly to himself, but at odd moments, you can see him staring in your direction, his face an emotionless mask. Part of you wonders if your brutal half-brother ponders what might have been...

  • None

Special Abilities:
  • Deathbringer Assault

Proficiencies (Level 17):
  • Crossbow +
  • Halberd +
  • Two-Handed Sword +++++
  • Two-Handed Weapon Style ++

Starting Equipment:
  • Helmet
  • Light Crossbow +2
  • Full Plate Mail +1
  • Two-Handed Sword +3

Starting Location:
Pocket Plane

How to Acquire:
To recruit Sarevok, you'll need to resurrect him.

Ending Storyline:
In the years following his resurrection by Charname, Sarevok never settled in any one place for long. In Berdusk, he is said to have routed an army of invading orcs, displaying such fearsome power and rage that terrified locals weren't sure whom to fear more. In Westgate, he arrived as conqueror, brutally enforcing his will only to mysteriously vanish months later. He acted like a man that did not know himself, and all the stories agreed that Sarevok was a tortured soul balancing between life and death, never to achieve either. Eventually, he disappeared, said to have assaulted the Abyss itself or even taken his own life. In truth, he journeyed to Kara-Tur to bury his one true love, the warrior Tamoko. He never returned, though the stories endure.