Name: Valygar Corthala

Race: Human (M)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Class: Ranger (Stalker)
  • STR 17
  • DEX 18
  • CON 16
  • INT 10
  • WIS 14
  • CHA 10

When asked about his past, Valygar is silent for a long time and his face becomes grim. He explains briefly that he is the last of the Corthala noble line, a family that was once one of the wealthiest in Amn. The Corthalas have always been cursed with magical ability, however, and Valygar spits the words with great derision. Every Corthala who has used their magical talents has become obsessed with them and ultimately come to a grievous end. His mother was the most recent victim, although the ranger does not elaborate on the point. Valygar intends to fulfill his family's oath to find and destroy their ancestor, Lavok, and then he intends to let his cursed bloodline die out once and for all.

Skills (Level 8):
  • Move Silently 102
  • Hide in Shadows 97

Special Abilities:
  • Charm Animal

Racial Enemy:
  • Golem

Proficiencies (Level 8):
  • Katana ++
  • Longbow ++
  • Spear ++
  • Two-Weapon Style ++

Starting Equipment:
  • Corthala Family Armor
  • Corthala Family Blade
  • Dagger
  • Longbow
  • Spear

Starting Location:
Umar Hills

How to Acquire:
To recruit Valygar, you'll need to accept Tolgerias' quest in the Council of Six building in the Government District, and then meet with Valygar in his cabin in Umar Hills.

Ending Storyline:
Valygar continued adventuring for several years after the Bhaalspawn saga, traveling among the wilds and becoming a common sight near Waterdeep. In time, he would retire to Athkatla, content to assume a contemplative life on his family estate, but admirers among the nobility would not let him rest. He was pressured into assuming the title of Chief Inspector, a responsibility he didn't want, but corruption within the city soon gained his ire. Surprising even himself, Valygar became an effective leader, and it was this term in office that truly restored the Corthala family name. Valygar eventually married, and his only son, the pride of his life, took the lessons of the father to heart. He would go on to lead the Cowled Wizards, becoming its greatest agent of reform.