Rickenbacker Audio Logs
Rickenbacker Pod 1
  • Inside the room leading up from the Von Braun, near a support column
  • Sitting on a windowsill inside a small office, in the room with the hull breach
  • Through the Service Tunnels, in a room on the other side of the hull breach
  • Up a ladder heading from Pod 2 Access, near one of the Black Eggs guarded by a Cyborg Assassin
  • On the floor of a small room, near the Morgue
  • Inside the Security Station on the way to Pod 2, on a corpse
  • Under a desk inside the Medical Bay, on the way to Pod 2
  • At the foot of a ladder, following the way towards Pod 2
Rickenbacker Pod 2
  • On the floor of the Inverted Chapel
  • In the Medical Bay, on the corpse of Captain Diego