Recreation Audio Logs
Recreation Sector A
  • Inside a ruined clinic in the Medical Annex
  • On the floor, at the very end of the Medical Annex
  • In the lobby area near the Upgrade Units, on top of the counter
  • Athletics Lounge, on the front desk
  • On a table, inside a small room with a Replicator near the Athletics Lounge
  • Inside a second clinic, this one on the north side of Recreation A
  • Inside a desk, in a small room near the entrance to Crew Quarters
  • Southwest corner of the Crew Quarters main floor, on a corpse
  • Inside a bedroom on the west side of the Crew Quarters main floor
  • In the Athletics area, obtained by throwing the Basketball from UNN Recruitment through one of the hoops
Recreation Sector B
  • West side of the Gardens, near a bench
  • East side of the Gardens, on top of a bench
  • Inside the small Conference Room just south of the Gardens, on the table
  • Bonne Chance Lounge, on top of the bar counter
  • Inside a second lounge cross from the Bonne Chance Lounge
  • On a corpse at the sound end of Recreation B, inside the main hallway
Recreation Sector C
  • Inside the Casino, in the very back room on top of a counter
  • On top of a Surgical Unit inside the small clinic just across from the Security Checkpoint
  • Lower level of the Sensual Stimulation Units, on a counter
  • Inside the Quickfoods store in the Mall area
  • Ruined store on the upper level of the Mall, on a corpse