Command Audio Logs
Command Sector A
  • On the floor of a small room with some Upgrade Units, close to the Rercharging Station
  • On one of the benches in Tram Station 2
  • On the floor at Tram Station 3
  • Upper level, on the floor as you come up the ramp
  • On the catwalks above Shuttle Bay 2
  • Inside Shuttle Bay 1, on a corpse
  • On the floor past the psionic barrier, just before reaching the lift to the Rickenbacker
  • Southwest corner of the Crew Quarters main floor, on a corpse
  • Inside a bedroom on the west side of the Crew Quarters main floor
  • In the Athletics area, obtained by throwing the Basketball from UNN Recruitment through one of the hoops
Command Sector B
  • Lobby of elevator heading up to the Escape Pods, on the floor
  • On the main level of the Officers' Quarters, on the floor
  • Sitting on a ledge at the Offers' Quarters bathroom entrance
  • Locker inside the northeast Officers' Quarters bedroom
  • On a corpse, inside the hallway running around the west side between the Officers' Quarters and the elevators
  • Common room on the southwest side of the Officers' Quarters area, on the floor
  • Inside the Conference Room in the CEO Quarters
  • Inside the small office near the CEO Quarters bedroom
  • Dropped by the Psi Reaver Brain, on the Bridge