Engineering Audio Logs
Engineering Sector A
  • Inside the room containing the ladder up to MedSci
  • South Fluidic Tunnels, on the floor just past the entrance
  • South Fluidic Tunnels, west side, on the floor
  • Elevator room, on the floor nearby
  • Up the Grav Shaft to Engineering Control, just outside a locked door
  • Up the Grav Shaft to Engineering Control, inside the door, on the floor near the Fluidics Control Console
  • Hallway with Laser Turrets leading to Engineering B, on the floor
  • Security Station just outside door to Engineering B, inside a locker
  • Enginee Core, lying on the floor on the right side of the main room
  • Desk inside the Starboard Nacelle office
  • Office on upper level of Engine Core area, on a desk
Engineering Sector B
  • On the floor of a corridor leading from the entrance
  • Inside a desk between the two halves of Cargo Bay 1B
  • East side of Cargo Bay 1B, on a corpse
  • West side of Cargo Bay 2A, on a corpse
  • Desk near Laser Turret, between two halves of Cargo Bay 2B
  • On the floor of Cargo Bay 2B East
  • On the body of Sanger, top level of Cargo Bay 2B East
  • Inside a crate in the Shuttle Bay, near the cargo elevator
  • Command Control, on top of a computer console