Operations Audio Logs
Operations Sector B
  • On top of a crate in the Elevator room
  • On the floor, on the north side of the Elevator room
  • Inside the left-hand office upon entering Systems Administration
  • On a counter just outside the Crew Quarters foyer
  • Inside a bedroom on the lower floor of Crew Quarters, on a corpse
  • Inside another bedroom on the lower floor of Crew Quarters
  • Near the east exit from Crew Quarters
Operations Sector C
  • Desk inside the southwest office of Power Admin
  • On the far end of the Mess Hall, east side
  • Inside a small room with a Grenade Hybrid, overlooking some stairs, near the radiation leak
  • Crates near the Data Storage entrance
  • Audio Log near the destroyed Laser Turret, close to the west-side Sector C exit
Operations Sector D
  • On the floor, entering Power Ops
  • Inside a bedroom, along the hall leading to the Barracks
  • Barracks, inside a locker
  • On the floor of a collapsed hallway, near the Command Center
  • Inside offices below the Command Center, near a corpse
  • Inside the room at the back of the Command Center, on Bronson's corpse