Hydroponics Audio Logs
Hydroponics Sector B/C
  • On the floor immediately outside the Elevator
  • Office on extreme southwest side of Hydroponics, in a desk
  • On the floor inside the room with the Bio-Reconstruction Device
  • Room exiting east from the Bio-Reconstruction Device room, on the floor, near a Replicator
  • Inside a desk in Biological Survey office area
  • On top of a desk in Biological Survey office area
  • Inside the large lobby area with Laser Turrets and Grub Pods, on top of a counter
  • Inside the room with the icy Environmental Regulator
  • To the right after entering Sector B, at the foot of some stairs
  • On a Cyborg Midwife's corpse, inside the Chemical Storeroom
  • Inside a desk in the Sector C Ruined Lab (upper level)
  • Office on upper level of Engine Core area, on a desk
Hydroponics Sector A
  • On the floor just beyond the entrance hall
Hydroponics Sector D
  • On the floor, near the entrance to Sector D
  • Inside a desk, in the room just beyond the Sector D entrance