Engineering Audio Logs
Engineering Sector A
  • Inside the room containing the ladder up to MedSci
  • South Fluidic Tunnels, on the floor just past the entrance
  • South Fluidic Tunnels, west side, on the floor
  • Elevator room, on the floor nearby
  • Up the Grav Shaft to Engineering Control, just outside a locked door
  • Up the Grav Shaft to Engineering Control, inside the door, on the floor near the Fluidics Control Console
  • Hallway with Laser Turrets leading to Engineering B, on the floor
  • Security Station just outside door to Engineering B, inside a locker
  • Enginee Core, lying on the floor on the right side of the main room
  • Desk inside the Starboard Nacelle office
  • Office on upper level of Engine Core area, on a desk
MedSci Medical Sector
  • Irradiated Lab, with MRI-type machines, on a desk
  • Biopsy area, near where you find the Deck 2 Crew Access Card
  • Personal quarters near a ghostly vision and Biopsy area
  • Irradiated Lab, with decontamination showers, on a counter
  • Northwest Lab area, upper level, in a desk
  • Northwest Lab area, lower level (with Monkey pens), on a desk
  • Bedroom near Crew Quarters, inside a desk
  • Inside Security Station, with Armory
  • Flooded bedroom in Crew Quarters
  • Another flooded bedroom in Crew Quarters