Twin Suns
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Operation Hindsight

When you first enter the cantina on Nar Shaddaa (in the Promenade), lay about 15 or so mines in a spread pattern in front of the bar. You won't trigger them (as they're your mines) and neither will any of the NPC characters (as they're not hostile). But when it's time for the Twin Suns fight, they'll stand right in the middle of them while they're talking, and then do the back flips out into their fighting positions when the cut scene is over, and become hostile characters - and that means that when they walk back in through the gauntlet of mines, they'll trigger them.

Boom. Even if they don't die, they should be fairly worn down for you.

It also helps if you equip ranged weapons, hide behind the bar, and snipe at them.

Submitted By: Charles Glasgow

Atton the Jedi

When Atton is a Jedi equip a lightsaber or two and use a Mandalorian Power Shield and attack. This battle was over before the fifth use of the shield for me.

Submitted By: Eric Zalenka

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