Perfect Party #1
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You, Kreia, Visas:
A great party for the dark side is you, Kreia, and when you receive her, Visas. Just make sure you have many offensive moves on your character such as Force Thunder, and if you are a Sith Lord, make good use of Crush. Have Kreia on Jedi support and as you progress through the game, she will learn many defensive moves such as Heal, Battle Meditation and other related Force Powers. Visas can be used to run in with you to deal damage.

You, Disciple, Mandalore:
When certain characters become unavailable at many points during the game, another well combination would be you, the Disciple and Mandalore. This is good because Mandalore can be used as an aggressive character while you use all the offensive force powers you want. After battles you can just talk to the Disciple to regain your force.

Other mixed parties: Their are many crucial points in the game in witch many characters become unavailable to you, but the Disciple, and Visas are among the best to use when you have to make a three partied group without yourself in it. Mandalore is also a great choice.

Submitted By: Irving Trujillo

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