Lots of Experience
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Unlimited Hssiss

In the Secret Tomb (#5) on Korriban, you can repeatedly search the fallen Jedi's remains for a couple of Hssiss spawns and 400xp per kill. This works best for Dark Siders as their force points are able to regenerate. Light Siders unfortunately will have to use a lot of medpacs and mostly melee weapons, as their force points will not come back until they exit the Tomb.

Submitted By: Many, thank you!

Dark Side XP Tips

Gaining experience as a light side character is simple enough, just do all the missions! But as a dark side character things can be more tricky. Often times the only way to get any decent experience is to do something nice for someone. But fear not you can always greadily demand a reward after a generous act or even kill the person you just finished saving! This way no one will ever think you're getting soft and you can continue down your dark path with impunity.

Submitted By: Denis

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