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As you depart Telos (from the hidden Jedi "Academy"), you gain the Handmaiden as a party member. As soon as you can, go into the cargo hold and talk to her. Be polite, but get her to train you in the Echani Battle Techniques. When you are done - win or lose - tell her to put some clothes on. She'll don Jedi-like robes. Ask her about them if you want to, but they are from her mother, then end the conversation. In the equip screen, remove her robes (so she is again naked) and start the conversation over again (leaving out the fighting part - she won't train you again to you gain a few more levels and some influence). You can do this over and over again, then sell the robes in Citadel Station at the shop in Entertainment Module 081 for 2600 credits each to the brother in the back of the shop (by the workbench). Or you can break them down at the work bench for about 150-160 components each.

When I did this, I kept doing this until she should have had one robe on and 11 in inventory, but ended up with 132 robes when I went to sell them. At the time I sold them, she was wearing that set, and after selling them she was "wearing" 12 of them. If you go to the workbench in the equipment shop and modify them to add an item (like a Regenerative Underlay), go into the equipment screen and remove the robes then replace them. This will leave you with 11 in inventory which you can remove the upgrade then break everything down for a lot of components.

Submitted By: Derek Lindridge

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