Darth Traya
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General #1

This battle has two stages. Before talking to Darth Traya you should use shields and defensive powers, Master Speed is awesome in this battle. After talking to her the battle begins. My Jedi Powers didn't work well against her (I played as a Jedi Weapons Master and a Sith Assassin), so I just wailed on her with my Lightsabers and used medpacs if I got low on HP. Once you defeat, there is some dialogue then she comes back at you with three floating Lightsabers. Neither of my two characters had much luck using Force Powers against them, although once my Sith Assassin was able to knock them back with Force Wave once. The best strategy I had against them is to use Master Speed and run out and around the outside of the circular platform. This will stagger the Lightsabers so you don't have to fight them all at once, as well as gives you time to shoot some stims or use shields or Powers.

Submitted By: CBdragon1

Run and Plant

I ran away like a little girl and found a discreet corner to turn on my stealth. After that I went to the center of the core and plopped 15 Deadly Frag Mines. The I move around until she saw me and when she ran toward me she was blown out of the water by the mines. After that, she sicced the three floating lightsabers at me. Turn on Knight Speed or Force enlightenment. The sabers are tough but not very smart. I used a rifle and just kept running around and shooting them.

Submitted By: Anonymous

Run, Hide and Charge!

Now for the first stage in this battle I had absolutely no medpacs, but I found that if you run around the edge of the platform enough she won't see you for a couple of seconds (hey she actually chases after you even if she can't see you!). Then use Force immunity and several heals. I also noted that when she gets to1/2 to 1/4 of her total HP she will try to use the force and, if you have force immunity, you get several "free" hits. When she comes at you with three floating lightsabers she will stand still. "Hide" from the lightsabers, equip an energy shield (Echani work the best - I had 75!) and throw everything you have! You should find her pretty easy.

Submitted By: Austin Hunter

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