Sith Assassin
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General Strategy #1

I really liked this class. I started out as a Sentinel and focused on raising my Dex. This class allows for a good range of skills as well as being able to fire a blaster pretty well at the beginning of the game. I started out with the following stats: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12. Make sure you have the feat Lightsaber Finesse by the time you construct your first Lightsaber. I think this allows your sentinel or Sith Assassin to be even more deadly than a Guardian/ Jedi Weapons Master/ Sith Marauder because when your Dex is really high and you have Lightsaber Finesse you are getting the same bonuses that those classes get from strength, however since you are wearing robes you are also getting the Dex bonus on your Armour Class, which means that your AC will be much higher than one of the warrior classes.

But the most important thing is that you are able to use all your Jedi powers, and believe me when you are alone and walk into a room full of enemies, you can bust out a dose of Force Wave and then decimate them with your Lightsaber. Dex should be the primary stat you raise, however you should also increase your Wisdom and Charisma to improve your Force powers. My Con. wasn't that high, however if I play again I may raise it a little to allow for better implant capability. I didn't use the Sith Assassin's stealth ability until the end of the game when I was all alone. It was definitely useful against the Storm Beasts.

The only trouble I had was in the Mandalorian battle circle, I didn't have Melee Weapon Finesse so I was unable to beat one of the tougher Mandalorian with a long sword, so if this is important to you, than you may want to take that feat even though you won't use it much other than in this one instance. I used Flurry the majority of the time. Recommended Force Powers are Force Wave, Master Speed, Kill, Death Field, Force Storm, and Mental Domination.

Use Items that pump up your Dex, Wis, and Cha; follow the above suggestions and Sith and Jedi alike will quiver at the approach of your Sith Assassin.

Submitted By: CBdragon1

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