Jedi Watchman
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General Strategy #1

I started out as a Jedi Sentinel before choosing this class. I began with these stats: Str 10, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12. The first chance I got I bumped up my Con. to 16 in order to allow me better implant capability, after that all my points went into Dex. Much like the Sith assassin, you should focus on Dexterity and make sure you get Finesse: Melee Weapon, and Finesse: Lightsaber. If you play as a light side Sentinel you will get a +3 to your Con. as opposed to a dark side which gives you +3 to your Dex. I felt a little cheated at first because I wanted my Dex as high as possible, however this does help out with hit points which can make a significant difference in the big battles, particularly Darth Sion.

As far as powers are concerned I would max out your Speed, Armor, and Valor. This will make a huge difference towards the end when you receive the Enlightenment power. Force Wave, Dominate Mind and Destroy Droid are also recommended. This class also gets the option of Force camouflage which can be fun if you go it alone, however I found it more fun to just rush in with Lightsabers flashing. I took Force Confusion towards the end of the game which is mildly amusing to turn enemies against one another.

Since the Jedi Watchman is a skills heavy class you may choose to put more attribute points into Intelligence to get more skill points per level. This will allow you to create better upgrade items earlier on. Items and Lightsaber crystals should focus on raising your Dex, as well as Cha. and Wis.

I never wore armor. I used robes that increased my stats. When you can create Bio Restorative Underlay Mark V, add it to your Jedi's awesome.

I preferred Master Flurry when in combat. Other Skill: Master Two Weapon Fighting, Toughness, and the Finesse feats. If you combine Master Flurry, with Master two-weapon fighting and Master Speed (power) you have an attack that will kill the majority of enemies in one attack. If you add Master Valor on top of that... Lord help those who stand in your way.

Submitted By: CBdragon1

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