Jedi Guardian
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Essentials #1

The Jedi Guardian allows for aggressive attacks and has more melee feats than other classes.

When you start the game, just press the Y button on the attributes screen if you're not certain on how much you should spend, but keep in mind as the game goes on, you should have strength, dexterity and constitution. Constitution is very important for those implants like the regenerative ones.

For feats, I recommend that you choose dual-weapon fighting all the way to Master Proficiency, allowing for more damage than a normal one hand attack - the penalties can really hurt with less than Master! Also upgrade your critical strike. Remember, this feat can cause major damage an even stun opponents. For max efficiency, later in the game, utilize multiple feats. Upgrade flurry and power attack later. If power attack is upgraded to Master, you will have the ability to slice through minor opponents in seconds.

For Force Powers, always go aggressive. In the beginning, the recommended power the game will give you is Force Sonic Scream. This is useless in my opinion. Instead choose either Force Push, Stun, Lightning, Drain Life, or something else that is more aggressive in nature. When you're leveling up, I suggest you get Force Wave, Death Field, Stasis Field, and Force Immunity as early as possible. Immunity causes force powers from enemies to be nullified. For the rest, just take what you like.

Submitted By: Brian Choi

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