Main Quest: Unseen Visions

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest Seeking Disclosure, when you learn that you'll need to perform a ritual at the Ancestor Glade in order to read the three elder scrolls you now have in your possession.


The Ancestor Glade is located far to the south, near Falkreath. Inside, you'll find a Draw Knife in the center of the glade (#1), and you'll just need to use it on one of the Canticle Trees (#2) to harvest some bark. Then with Canticle Bark in hand, you'll need to scour the glade for seven Ancestor Moth Swarms. The moths will come to you because of the bark, so you won't need to chase them down or anything. Just walking near them will attract them to you. You'll find moths all over the place, so attracting seven swarms shouldn't be too tricky.

After collecting the Ancestor Moth Swarms, a column of light will appear in the center of the glade (#3). When you stand in it and read the Elder Scroll (Blood), you'll automatically open all three elder scrolls in turn, and you'll see a map of Skyrim. Then when you talk to Serana, you'll tell her that you've discovered the location of Auriel's Bow -- inside Darkfall Cave, located to the north. That will conclude the quest, but be careful. Dawnguard forces (if you sided with the vampires) or vampires (if you sided with the Dawnguard) will take this opportunity to enter the glade and attack you.

1 - Draw Knife

2 - Canticle Trees

3 - Column of Light

4 - Shield

Sitting out on the rocks here you'll find a random enchanted shield.

5 - Altars

On each of these altars you'll find some random gear, including an enchanted weapon.

  1. World exit.