Main Quest: Seeking Disclosure
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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest Prophet (the vampire version or the Dawnguard version).


For this quest, you'll need to track down the two elder scrolls required to fully understand Harkon's prophecy:
Once you've collected the two scrolls, when you return to Dexion Evicus in Volkihar Keep (if you sided with the vampires) or Fort Dawnguard (if you sided with the Dawnguard), you'll get some bad news. Dexion will tell you that in his haste to read the Elder Scroll (Sun), he didn't prepare himself properly and is now blind.

However, all is not lost. Dexion will go on to tell you that there is a way for you to read the scrolls. You'll just need to travel to the Canticle Tree in the Ancestor Glade and remove some of the tree's bark using a Draw Knife. That will attract Ancestor Moths, which will provide you with the second sight necessary to decipher the scrolls. Dexion will then give you the Elder Scroll (Sun) to complete your set.