Main Quest: Awakening

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You'll receive this quest from Isran and Tolan at Fort Dawnguard at the conclusion of the quest Dawnguard.


Isran will task you with traveling to Dimhollow Crypt to see if there's really a vampire artifact there. You'll find the crypt located far to the west, in between Morthal and Dawnstar, and right next to the destroyed Hall of the Vigilant. Inside the crypt, you'll overhear some vampires (#1) talking about a Vigilant -- Tolan -- who entered the crypt and got himself killed, and also about Lokil and Harkon, two of the vampire leaders.

You won't find much of interest inside the crypt itself, but when you enter Dimhollow Cavern (via Exit A) you'll witness some vampires, including Lokil, torturing and killing a Vigilant named Adalvald (#4). When you reach the vampires (now at #5), they'll automatically attack you, and you'll discover what they were questioning Adalvald about -- a strange mechanical puzzle.

The puzzle consists of five braziers arranged in a circle around a central pedestal. To complete the puzzle, you'll first need to press the button on the pedestal, which will accept your blood and use it to "light up" the puzzle. You'll then need to push the braziers, starting with the one to the southwest, to the proper distance away from the pedestal. The purple glow of the puzzle will show you the correct distance, and the braziers will light up when you've moved them to where they go.

Note: You'll need to stand on the opposite side of the brazier from the direction you want to push it.

When you've moved all five braziers to their proper position, a stone monolith will rise up out of the center of the puzzle, and activating it will reveal a "mysterious woman" with an Elder Scroll strapped to her back. The woman will be as surprised to see you as you are to see her, and during the ensuing conversation, you'll learn that her is Serana and that she's a vampire. This conversation will conclude the quest.

1 - Vampire Sentries / Tolan's Corpse

2 - Gate / Chain

To open the gate (#2), you'll need to pull the nearby chain (#2a).

3 - Vampire / Spider

4 - Adalvald's Corpse

5 - Puzzle Platform

6 - Gate / Lever

To open the gate (#6), you'll need to pull the nearby lever (#6a).

7 - Word Wall

When you get close enough to the Word Wall, you'll unlock the Word of Power for "Stamina, Drain Vitality."

  1. Doorway between Dimhollow Crypt and Dimhollow Cavern.
  2. World exit.