Main Quest: Prophet (Vampire Version)

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You'll receive this quest from Garan Marethi at the conclusion of the quest The Bloodstone Chalice, when he directs you to speak with Lord Harkon.


Harkon will tell you that he's learned of a prophecy that details a time when vampires will no longer need to fear the sun. The only problem is that "the secret to unraveling the prophecy" is written on Serana's Elder Scroll, and so you'll need to track down a Moth Priest so he can read it for you. Harkon will then address all of the vampires in the dining hall, and he'll announce that he's spread false rumors of an Elder Scroll being in Skyrim, to act as bait to lure in a Moth Priest, and he'll ask everybody to go out and see if the ruse has borne fruit. Serana will rejoin you at this point.

Harkon will suggest that you ask innkeepers and carriage drivers about Moth Priests, but if you talk to Serana, then she'll suggest that you go to the College of Winterhold instead. There are several people that you can question about Moth Priests, including Alfarinn at the Windhelm Stables, Hulda at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, and Urag gro-Shub at the College of Winterhold. They'll all tell you that the priest went to Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge is located on the western side of Skyrim, to the southwest of Solitude. Most people there won't have anything useful to tell you, but if you speak with a guard or with Clinton Lylvieve, then you'll learn that a Moth Priest recently left the city via the bridge to the south.

If you follow the road south, then you'll shortly come to an overturned wagon with a dead soldier and a dead vampire on the ground next to it. When you loot the vampire you'll find a Vampire's Note, which will indicate that the Moth Priest was captured and taken to Forebears' Holdout.

Forebears' Holdout is located nearby to the east. Inside, you'll discover members of the Dawnguard, including their leader Vanik and an armored troll, defending a fort. After defeating this Dawnguard contingent, when you climb up to the top of the fort, you'll find the Moth Priest Dexion Evicus being held inside a shimmering magic prison (#1). To deactivate it, you'll need to loot the Weystone Focus from Malkus' corpse (#2) and use it on the nearby Weystone Source (#3).

When the magic barrier dissipates, Dexion will emerge from his prison and attack you. Once you've done enough damage to him, he'll begin huddling on the ground, and you'll be tasked with using your Vampire's Seduction power on him. You'll find this power under Magic -> Powers -> Vampire's Seduction. With Dexion now under your control, you'll first need to feed on him (by talking to him and using the feed option), and then you'll need to order him to travel to Volkihar Keep. Dexion will travel there on his own.

When you return to Volkihar Keep, you'll be greeted by a group of Dawnguard, who will attack you on sight. Then inside the keep, after checking in with Lord Harkon, you'll need to command Dexion to read Serana's Elder Scroll (Sun). He'll do so, and he'll see a reference to Auriel's Bow, but he'll also discover that the prophecy is spread over three Elder Scrolls, and that to understand its meaning, you'll need to find the other two. Harkon will then order you to track down the two scrolls -- the Elder Scroll (Dragon) and the Elder Scroll (Blood).

1 - Prison

2 - Malkus' Corpse

3 - Weystone Source

  1. World exit.