Main Quest: The Bloodstone Chalice

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If you choose to become a vampire lord at the end of the quest Bloodline, then after Harkon has taught you the basics of your new form, he'll direct you to speak with Garan Marethi and tell him that "it is time." This command will trigger the quest.


You'll typically find Garan loitering around somewhere near the dining hall. When you track him down and deliver the message to him, he'll understand what it means -- that Harkon wants the Bloodstone Chalice filled so he can improve the potency of his powers. Garan will then lead you to the chalice, and he'll order you to fill it at Redwater Den, which has become the home of "less reputable members of society." Garan will leave it up to you how you deal with them.

You'll find Redwater Den located far to the southeast, in between Ivarstead and Riften. When you get there, you'll discover a pair of lookouts at the entrance, but they won't attack you. That's because Redwater Den is currently a drug emporium, where people can come and enjoy Redwater Skooma.

Note: On a table near the lookouts you'll find the book Battle of Red Mountain, which will increase your Block skill by 1.

Inside the den, you'll meet a dealer (#1). If you purchase Redwater Skooma from her (or persuade her to give you a free sample) and use it, then you'll lose consciousness and end up in a cell deeper in the den (#4). This will allow you to bypass a locked gate (#3). Otherwise, you'll need to pick open the "adept" lock on the gate, or pickpocket the Redwater Den Backrooms Key from the dealer or the attendant, or start killing everybody so you can loot the key from their bodies. You won't incur a bounty for killing anyone in the den.

Note: If the attendant spots you going through the locked gate (#3), then he and the dealer will attack you.

Past the locked gate (#3), you'll encounter lots of vampires and their minions. They'll attack you on sight, so you won't have any options for how to deal with them. When you eventually reach the bloodspring (#11) and use it to fill the chalice, you'll get ambushed by the vampires Stalf and Salonia Caelia, who were sent by Orthjolf and Vingalmo respectively to disrupt Harkon's plans. The two assassins will be at odds with each other as well as you, but they'll both attack you. After the battle, you'll just need to loot one of the assassin corpses to automatically fill the chalice with their blood.

Note: If you drink from the bloodspring as a vampire, then you'll gain the Tainted Blood of the Ancients active effect, which will cause your Drain Life spell to absorb magicka and stamina as well as health. If you drink from the bloodspring while not a vampire, then you'll become diseased.

When you return to Garan in Volkihar Keep, he'll tell you that Orthjolf and Vingalmo both covet the vampire throne, and that they do whatever they can -- without acting overtly -- to undermine Harkon and increase their own power. Garan will then take the Bloodstone Chalice from you and direct you to speak to Harkon.

1 - Dealer

2 - Stone Door

This door will only open after you've filled the chalice from the bloodspring (#11).

3 - Locked Gate

4 - Cell (Lower Level)

Inside the cell you'll find a Spell Tome: Telekinesis.

5 - Raised Bridge / Lever (Upper Level)

To lower the bridge (#5), you'll need to pull the lever to the west (#5a).

6 - Gold Ore Vein

7 - Stone Door

To open the stone door, you'll need to pull the chain just to the right (hidden by the wall). Inside the room beyond, you'll find two Potions of Cure Disease and a random enchanted weapon.

8 - Closed Gates / Chain

To open these gates (#8), you'll need to pull a nearby chain (#8a), which will require you to head through the eastern part of Redwater Spring and kill a couple of vampire thralls.

9 - Venarus Vulpin

10 - Locked Door

To open this door, you'll either need to pick its "master" lock, or you'll need to loot the Redwater Wellspring Key from Venarus Vulpin (#9).

11 - Bloodspring

  1. Doorway between Redwater Den and Redwater Spring.
  2. Doorway between Redwater Den and Redwater Spring. You'll only be allowed to use this exit after filling the chalice at the bloodspring (#11).
  3. World exit.