Main Quest: A New Order
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You'll receive this quest when you return to Isran at Fort Dawnguard after refusing to join the vampires at the end of the quest Bloodline.


When Isran learns about the vampires and their Elder Scroll, he'll decide that the Dawnguard needs to bolster its ranks, and he'll ask you to recruit two people:
  • Gunmar. You'll find Gunmar outside a random cave. He'll inform you that he won't join the Dawnguard until the bear he's been tracking has been dealt with. You'll then need to enter the cave and defeat the bear. The bear won't be a special boss creature or anything, and you'll have Gunmar helping you out, so you shouldn't have too much trouble. Afterwards, when you talk to Gunmar again, he'll leave for Fort Dawnguard, where he'll start training armored trolls.

  • Sorine Jurard. You'll find Sorine located far to the west near Druadach Redoubt. It won't take much to convince her to join the Dawnguard. You'll either need to give her a Dwemer Gyro, or you'll need to pass a persuade check to convince her that time is of the essence. If you need the gyro, then the easiest way to acquire one is to loot Sorine's satchel, which is located next to a tree along the riverbank to the south. When Sorine is convinced, she'll head on over to Fort Danwguard, where she'll begin studying the mechanics of crossbows and bolts.
After recruiting Gunmar and Sorine, when you return to Fort Dawnguard, you'll see that the Dawnguard has finally erected some palisades and a gate outside (meaning that you won't have to worry about any more vampire attacks on your home turf, and also meaning that in the future, when you fast travel to Fort Dawnguard, you'll show up right next to the entrance rather than half a mile away).

Then when you go inside the fort, Isran will check to see if you're a vampire. If you are, then you'll need to complete the quest Rising at Dawn. After that, Isran will mention that a vampire (aka Serana) has shown up at the fort, and the quest will come to an end.