Main Quest: Dawnguard
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After installing the Dawnguard DLC, you'll have two ways of triggering this quest: you can hear a city guard talking about the Dawnguard, or you can be approached by Durak, who will try to recruit you to the Dawnguard.


To join the Dawnguard, you'll need to travel to Fort Dawnguard, which can only be reached via Dayspring Canyon, located to the east of Riften. During your trip, you'll run into a fellow recruit named Agmaer, who will guide you to the fort (just in case the single road leading there isn't clear enough).

Note: The quest marker on the world map will direct you to the southeast of Riften, but that's the location for the exit from Dayspring Cavern, not the entrance. The quest marker on your compass will point you the right way for the entrance.

Inside the fort, you'll meet Isran, the leader of the Dawnguard. When you arrive, he'll be in conversation with a Vigilant named Tolan, and you'll learn that the Vigilants have been decimated by recent vampire attacks. You'll also learn that the Vigilants tracked down a "long-lost vampire artifact" to Dimhollow Crypt. At the end of the conversation, Isran will ask you to travel to the crypt to see if you can find the artifact, and he'll give you a Crossbow and 45 Steel Bolts (unless you picked them up from someone else earlier) to help you out.