Main Quest: Touching the Sky (Part 1)

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You'll receive this quest at the conclusion of the quest Unseen Visions, when you learn that Auriel's Bow is located in Darkfall Cave.


You'll find Darkfall Cave in the northwestern part of Skyrim, south of Volkihar Keep. Inside, after taking a swim (#1), you'll meet Knight-Paladin Gelebor (#3), who will welcome you to what remains of the Great Chantry of Auriel.

Gelebor will have a strange request for you. He'll ask you to kill his brother, the Arch-Curate Vyrthur, and in exchange he'll offer to give you Auriel's Bow. Gelebor will then hand you an Initiate's Ewer, and he'll explain that to reach Vyrthur in his Inner Sanctum, you'll have to fill the ewer at five designated wayshrines. You'll find the first of these wayshrines at the end of Darkfall Passage (Exit B). The other four are located in the Forgotten Vale, which you'll visit during the second part of the quest.

Darkfall Passage is a large twisty area that can be difficult to navigate. If you spot a chest under a bridge, then you should head up the ramp to the north so you can cross the bridge to the west. If you find yourself at two bridges leading through a waterfall, then you should cross the bridges and head north. Eventually you'll enter the large chamber where you'll find the first wayshrine.

When you reach the Wayshrine of Illumination (Exit B), you'll meet Prelate Sidanyis out front. He'll ask you if you're there to fill up your ewer, and when you say yes, he'll open up the wayshrine, which will give you access to the water basin inside, and also to a portal to the Forgotten Vale. After filling up your ewer, you should head through the portal.

1 - Bridge

When you cross the bridge here (#1), it will collapse, sending you into the rushing waters of the river below. You'll end up far to the south (#1a).

2 - Breton Corpse

On the corpse you'll find a Darkfall Cave Note and more.

3 - Knight-Paladin Gelebor

4 - Underwater Passage

If you jump into the water here (#4), then you'll be able to travel to the cave to the east (#4a), where you'll discover a skeleton and some Gleamblossoms. On the skeleton you'll find Darkfall Passage Note I.

5 - Secret Door

You'll only be able to open this door by pulling the rope release on the southern side, which you'll only reach if you jump down to the bottom of the waterfall in the area.

6 - Rope Releases

At this spot you'll find two rope releases. The release on the right will trigger some traps. The release on the left will open the door just to the north. You'll also find a skeleton nearby carrying Dark Passage Note II.

  1. Wayshrine between Darkfall Cave and Darkfall Passage.
  2. Wayshrine to the Forgotten Vale.
  3. Exit from Darkfall Grotto. You'll only be able to enter the grotto from the Forgotten Vale.
  4. World exit.