Valhingen Graveyard

1 - Giant Skeleton

You'll have to fight a giant skeleton plus its retainers here. After you've defeated it, you'll be able to loot a marble chest. Inside, you'll find four clerical scrolls, plus some money and jewels.

2 - Skeleton Tower

Outside the tower you'll be attacked by a group of skeletons. Just inside the tower you'll be damaged by noxious fumes.

3 - Spectre

"You surprise a shadowy form creating new skeletons."

The spectre is by itself, so while it is nasty and can drain levels, you should be able to kill it quickly. You'll need to kill this spectre to clear the graveyard.

4 - Zombie Tower

Just outside the tower you'll be attacked by a group of zombies.

5 - Spectre

"You surprise a shape that is creating zombies."

You'll need to kill this spectre to clear the graveyard.

6 - Juju Zombie's Tower

Outside the door to the Juju Zombie's tower, you'll have to fight off a group of zombies. Then inside, you'll have to fight the Juju Zombie itself plus some of its closest zombie friends.

After you've defeated the zombies, you'll find "various objects" scattered about. These include a potion of healing, a wand of lightning bolt, and two clerical scrolls.

7 - Mummies

You'll face four mummies here. They won't drop anything when they die.

Note: The mummies can disease your characters. You can check this by camping and then going to "magic" and "display," but you might only notice the affliction when you try to heal your characters and nothing happens. Clerics can cure the disease.

8 - Paladin's Tower

When you approach the tower, voices will cry out from inside, "We are the spirits of those who fought the dragons. Leave us or die." If you don't leave, then you'll be attacked by wights, zombies and ghouls.

9 - Wraith

The wraith will tell you that it is the "protector" of the paladin. If you "stay" then you'll have to fight the wraith, but once it goes down, you'll be able to loot the equipment of the paladin: a potion of extra healing, a hammer +3, a sling of seeking +2, a clerical scroll, and a magic user scroll.

What kind of paladin uses a sling?

10 - Wight Tower

Outside of the tower, you'll be attacked by a group of wights. Be careful with these guys, because they can drain levels. So try to kill them as quickly as possible, and feel free to let loose with your best spells.

11 - Spectre

"You surprise a figure as it summons a wight."

You'll need to kill this spectre to clear the graveyard.

12 - Knight's Tower

You'll be attacked by a pair of specters outside the tower.

13 - Knight's Treasure

The knight will give you his treasure when you arrive here. The treasure includes: plate mail +2, a long sword +2, a ring of fire resistance, a shield +1, and four clerical scrolls.

14 - Coffin

You'll find a coffin filled with "crosses, vials of spilled holy water, and a scroll." The scroll tells the story of Aramalg and Sarasim (journal entry 43). If you want, you can "sanctify" the coffin, but this doesn't seem to do anything.

Later, after you've defeated the vampire at #15, you'll have to face him again here. He'll be much weaker here than before (with about a third of the hit points), so he should be easy to kill.

15 - Vampire

You'll face a vampire and three wolves here. The vampire can drain levels and charm your characters, so try to kill him quickly. If any of your characters get charmed, the "dispel magic" spell can cure them.

Note: If you have the efreeti bottle with you (from the silver dragon in the Wilderness), then the efreeti will fight with you against the vampire.

After you've defeated the vampire, "search" the location to discover the vampire's treasure trove. It includes a wand of magic missiles, three potions of healing, a shield +1, and four clerical scrolls.

However, you haven't destroyed the vampire yet. You'll have to face him again at #14 to officially kill him.