The Slums

1 - Orcs

Here you'll stumble upon a few orcs arguing over some papers. They'll put the papers aside and attack you, of course, but you'll find the "papers" -- a clerical scroll with two spells -- in the loot when they're dead. The two spells are both "cure light wounds."

2 - Goblin Leader

3 - Ohlo

Ohlo will ask you to fetch a potion for him from the Old Rope Guild to the southeast (#15). When you return with the potion, you'll receive experience, money, and 10 quarrels +1. (There's an option to ask for more, but this always seems to result in a battle with Ohlo and a bunch of orcs and hobgoblins.)

4 - Kobold Leader

Included in the loot you should find bracers of ac 6 (which give 4 ac if the character isn't wearing body armor).

5 - Treasure Room

Besides finding lots of money, a short bow +1, and 20 arrows +1, you'll also earn quite a bit of experience when you enter the treasure room (through the secret door).

6 - Hobgoblins

You'll find the hobgoblins here arguing over gold. If you search the square behind them (to the south) you'll find a hidden treasure. Besides money, you should also discover a ring of protection +1 and a short bow +1.

7 - Orc Leaders

You'll find four orc leaders and a bunch of other orcs here. They should drop a decent amount of money when they die, plus a flail +1.

8 - Gypsy

The gypsy will tell you your fortune: "Blood and violence are writ boldly in your future. Look for friends where you expect enemies and enemies where you expect allies."

9 - Orcs

You'll find a whole mess of orcs here, including a pair of orc leaders.

10 - Gathering of Leaders

You'll face two gnolls, two hobgoblin leaders, and an ogre. They look tougher than they are.

11 - Goblin Guards

Both goblins and goblin leaders will attack you here. This is a battle you should try to gain a level before attempting.

12 - Loose Floorboard

If you "look" here, you'll find a loose floorboard with a chest hidden underneath it. Inside you'll find some money, a magic user scroll with "magic missile" on it, and a shield +1.

13 - Old Rope Guild

You won't be able to use the "area" command while in the guild.

14 - Trolls

You'll find four trolls and two ogres here. This is the toughest battle in the Slums, and you'll probably have to wait until at least level 3 before you can win it. Once you're successful, you'll earn over 1000 experience per character, plus you'll find money, a ranseur +2, a light crossbow +1, and a magic user scroll with "lightning bolt," "detect invisibility," and "protection from evil" on it.

15 - Merchant

The merchant will claim he has nothing to sell, but if you've visited Ohlo (#3), then you can ask the merchant for Ohlo's potion (type "ohlo"), and he'll give it to you.

16 - Leather Bag

If you "look" here you'll find a leather bag with money, 20 arrows +1, and a short bow +1 inside.


A. Gate to the Civilized District.
B. Gate to Kuto's Well.