Ruined Castle

Area Note

You'll sense an anti-magic shell when you enter the castle. That means you won't be able to cast any spells while you're here.

1 - Central Keep

When you enter the central keep (which includes the entire 4x4 area) or the L-shaped building to the west (#2), an old lizardman will approach you. He's the lizardman leader. If you rescued the lizardmen from the Pyramid, then you can use the codeword "savior" that they gave you, and the lizardman leader will agree not to join the enemy.

However, the lizardman leader will describe his situation to you (journal entry 31), and a lizardman named Drythh will challenge him for the leadership of the tribe. "Your claws are blunt." If you champion the lizardman leader, then you'll have to select a character to duel Drythh. This should be an easy battle since Drythh only has 18 hit points. If you decline to champion the leader, then Drythh will kill him and order several lizardmen to attack you.

2 - L-Shaped Building

At this spot in the building, if you "look" you can find some gold and jewelry.

3 - Pool of Water

A couple of things will happen at these pools of water. Lizardmen will attack you from them (but there will only be a few of them, so they should be easy to defeat), and you'll be able to search them for money and jewels. Some of them will even have shields +2.


A. Gate to the Wilderness.
B. Stairs between the surface and underground levels.
C. Tunnels between the surface and underground levels. The tunnels are hidden on the surface, and you must "search" to find them there.