Note: We've heard that a mage can join your party briefly in the graveyard, but we've never encountered him ourselves.

Dirten (Full Stats)

Dirten is located in Bishop Braccio's chambers in the Civilized District (#19). You'll have to help Dirten purify the Temple of Bane.

Genheeris (Full Stats)

Genheeris is located in the upper level of the castle (#4). He'll stay with you for the rest of the game.

Mad Man (Full Stats)

"Mad Man", or so he's called, is located in Mendor's Library (#9). Your goal could be to cure him, but we've never found a way to do it.

Princess Fatima (Full Stats)

Princess Fatima is located in the Kobold Cave (#4). She'll only stay with you while you're in the cave.

Skullcrusher (Full Stats)

Skullcrusher is locked in a cell in the Textile House (#9). You'll just need to escort Skullcrusher to the Council Building in the Civilized District.