Kuto's Well

1 - Lizard Patrol

You'll face a few lizardmen and giant lizards here.

2 - Wide-Eyed Woman

After you've forced open the door to get to her, the woman will tell you: "An evil spirit from an unholy pool guides your enemies. It hides behind a fair countenance. Be not deceived."

If you then search the location, you'll find banded mail +1, a quarter staff +1, and bracers of AC 4.

3 - Norris the Gray

In whichever of these spots you arrive at first, you'll run into the "infamous" Norris the Gray. He'll demand that you surrender or fight. If you surrender, he'll take all of your money and jewelry, so you might as well fight.

You'll have to face Norris plus an assortment of lizardmen and kobold leaders. When they die you'll find a long sword +1, and you'll discover a "curious message" (journal entry 50).

4 - Bandit Treasure

You'll find a lot of money and gems here.


A. Gate to the Slums.
B. Gate to Podal Plaza.
C. Gate to Mendor's Library.
D. Kuto's Well. The ladder in the well leads between the surface and the sewers.