Podal Plaza

Area Note

When you first enter Podal Plaza, you'll be given three options: to "stride boldly forward," to "disguise yourself as monsters," or to "sneak, remaining unseen." The best choice for spying on the auction is "disguise." If you "stride" then you won't see the auctioneer at all. If you "sneak" then you won't be able to bid (not that you can actually win the item). Once you've seen the auction, you won't get any options when entering the area, and you'll have to proceed normally.

1 - Auction

The auction will start when you reach the area (provided you're sneaking or in disguise). No matter what you do, the man in plain clothes will end up with the item, a staff of command. Witnessing the episode is all you need to do for the Council.

2 - The Pitt

When you enter the tavern the first time, you'll bump into a drunk buccaneer, who will then challenge you to a fight. If you accept his "challenge," then one of your characters will have to duel him one-on-one. The buccaneer is only level 4, so your primary tank should be able to handle him. If you instead "attack," then you'll have to fight the buccaneer plus all of the other patrons of the bar. Regardless, when the buccaneer dies, you'll find a long sword +1 and chain mail +1 on his corpse.

After the challenge, you'll be given some options for what to do next. If you "drink heavily," you'll pass out and lose all of your money. If you "mix with the monsters" or "attack," you'll fight the patrons of the bar, which include numerous hobgoblins, goblins, orcs, and even (apparently) that buccaneer again.

3 - Shrine

The shrine used to be dedicated to Ilmater, but now it's dedicated to Bane. You'll find a robed orc inside. If you "greet" or "attack" him, you'll start a fight, and you'll find 6 leather holy symbols on his corpse. You can use symbols like that to enter the Temple of Bane, but you'll find more symbols elsewhere, so if you can't pick them up here (or if you don't want to pick them up here), don't worry about it.

4 - Hidden Temple of Ilmater

The doors to the temple are difficult to open. Characters need a high strength to bash them (18/00 isn't guaranteed to do the trick; you might have to try a few times), and thieves, if they can pick open the doors at all, have to be higher than level 4 to get the job done. Thus, the easiest way to open the doors is to use the "knock" spell, provided you have a magic user who knows the spell.

Inside the temple, a young woman will offer to heal you. Her services are the same as the temples in the Civilized District (that is, they cost money), but she's closer than those other temples. You can also rest safely in the temple.


A. Gate to Kuto's Well.
B. Passage to the Stojanow Gate.
C. Gate to the Wilderness.
D. Gate to the Textile House.