Valjevo Castle - Northeastern Quadrant

Area Note

The interior of the castle is made up largely of a hedge maze (shown with green walls). You can move through the walls of the maze if you want, but each time do, it's possible one of your characters will be killed.

1 - Records Room

If you study the records, you'll discover that Tyranthraxus' ultimate goal is to "conquer all lands south of the Moonsea." The room also hints that you could learn something more here after you've cleared the area, but nothing ever happened when we played.

2 - Slaves

You'll find three slaves here being beaten by a gnoll overseer. You won't really have much of a choice for what to do. You can either kill the gnoll and free the slaves, or you can leave. If you kill the gnoll (which will happen automatically), then one of the slaves will give you a slip of paper with the word "rhodia" on it. That's the password to get into the inner part of the castle.

3 - Armory

You can loot basic equipment here if you need it. Mostly, this is a good place to re-supply your characters with ammunition for ranged weapons.

4 - Barracks

If you're in disguise, then some hill giants will greet you at the door and let you know that today's passwords are "harash" (in general) and "rhodia" (at the inner gate to the castle).

5 - Guard Post

If you're in disguise and "haughty" towards the guard who approaches, then you can tell him that "tyranthraxus" sent you, and he'll leave you be. Otherwise, you'll have to fight four fire giants. Then, if you want, you can go inside the guard post and fight the human guard. He'll drop chain mail +1, a two-handed sword +2, and a javelin of lightning.

6 - Teleporter

This teleporter will take you to one of the other teleporters in the inner part of the castle.

7 - Trolls

You'll face eight trolls here.


A. Passage to the Southeastern Quadrant.
B. Passage to the Northwestern Quadrant.