The Night Hag's House
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The Night Hag's House
1 - Night Hag

The Night Hag will tell you a few things, and she'll also drop a few hints. For example, although you don't know her, she'll tell you that "we have been through a lot together, you and I."

Early in the conversation, the Night Hag will ask you to draw two cards. Each time you draw a card, you'll gain some experience, but the cards are random and don't seem to mean anything yet. However, each card has a unique power, and if you use the powers you'll have brief memories of your past and gain some more experience.

After you've drawn the cards, the Night Hag will tell you that she has the power to protect you from the Stygian Lords, and she'll ask you to touch the nearby ethereal leak (#4). Following that, the Night Hag will take you to the Plane of Sorrows, a place over which she holds dominion, and the place where you'll now go when you die.

Upon your return, the Night Hag will tell you to find a man at the dwarven village of Brogan's Arm, and that seeking the Cavanaugh Stone will lead you to him. But she won't tell you the man's name, only that he is wearing the king's uniform, and she won't tell you what the Cavanaugh Stone is, either.

Note: The Night Hag is a shopkeeper, and, among other things, she sells deadly nightshade. You can use the nightshade to kill yourself and easily return to the Plane of Sorrows.

2 - Desk

In the pile of books on the desk you can find The Night Hag's Tome, but you won't be able to read it, and so it won't give you any clues about the Night Hag. Inside the desk you can find a couple of healing kits, plus a feather fetish. You can use the fetish in the "strange birdcage" in the Mountain Cemetery to ascend to the ridge there.

3 - Headstone

If you read it, you'll find that the inscription is made out to you. You'll also earn some experience.

4 - Ethereal Leak

Ethereal leaks are "return points" from the Plane of Sorrows. If you let the tendrils from the leak wash over you, then that's where you'll appear after you've navigated the Plane of Sorrows and decided to return to the land of the living.


A. Door back to the Mountain Cemetery.