Steinfaar Iron Mine
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Steinfaar Iron Mine
1 - Starting Point / Ethereal Leak

When you're pushed into the mine, you'll stumble into an ethereal leak. That means you won't be able to exit the mine one you've entered it.

2 - Caldrian Ayre

When you talk to Caldrian, you'll learn that he's been experiencing some memory problems as well, but that he's been writing down notes to remind himself of things. So he'll be able to tell you that he stole the Cavanaugh Stone and hid it someplace safe, and that you were all a band of Witch Hunters.

However, at that moment a "ghostly figure" will appear and write a message on the wall: "The fields of battle lie in the hearts of men..." Then the module will end.

Note: If you want to, you can heal yourself by eating some meat from the spitted roast next to Caldrian.