This walkthrough was written using the initial (1.0) release of the premium version of Witch's Wake and the "normal" difficulty setting. It should also work reasonably well for the free release of Witch's Wake.

This first module for Witch's Wake is only the prelude of a larger campaign. We'll update the walkthrough as more modules are released, but right now it means that the ramifications of most decisions aren't yet known.

You'll start the module at level 1 and probably make it to level 3 by the end.

You'll gain much more experience for learning things and for advancing the plot than for killing enemies, so be sure to exhaust all conversation options when you talk to people.

When you rest in the module, "someone" will pop off and hit you for some magical damage at the end. This isn't a result of resting in the snow, and there isn't a mysterious entity trying to make your life difficult. This is an implementation of a partial resting system, where resting will only heal some of the damage you've sustained.

Depending on the difficulty level you're using, you'll have to wait a different amount of time between rests. For the normal difficulty setting, the delay is 3 minutes.

Dying isn't necessarily a bad thing in the module. If you die before meeting the Night Hag, you'll wake up after having a bad dream. If you die after meeting the Night Hag, you'll get to meet new people in the Plane of Sorrows.