Plane of Sorrows
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Plane of Sorrows
Area Note

The map shown here is what the Plane of Sorrows will look like on your first visit. Each time you visit, the labyrinth portion (#6) will change.

1 - Morrius Helmsplitter

Morrius will only be here on your first visit to the Plane of Sorrows. If you have Witchbane with you, then Morrius will recognize it and ask for it back, and you'll gain some experience. Morrius will also warn you not to trust the Night Hag, and he'll claim that Prince Ahmed isn't really dead because he hasn't yet appeared in the Plane.

2 - Your Cell

This is where you'll appear if you die too many times. Your only options here are to wait (although nothing will happen) or to descend into Stygia (where you'll be killed by countless hellions). So if you appear here you should load your game and try again.

3 - Ghostly Elkenbeast

The elkenbeast will appear on your second visit to the Plane of Sorrows. It doesn't actually give a quest, and it doesn't seem to be related to the dead elkenbeast in the Elkenherd area. Even if you have the animal empathy skill, the elkenbeast will pretty much ignore you.

4 - Johann Huntersfeldt

Johann will appear on your third visit to the Plane of Sorrows. He won't be able to speak, but he'll indicate that you should do something involving an Elkenbeast in the land of the living.

When you visit Brogan's Arm, you'll meet Johann's brother Bernhardt in the Elkenherd area. Bernhardt will give you a message for Johann, and when you relay it to him you'll gain some experience.

5 - Tree of Life

Clicking on the Tree of Life will transport you across the River Styx to the Filcher's Labyrinth (#6).

6 - Filcher's Labyrinth

The Filcher's Labyrinth is a small maze. Your goal here is to reach the Night Hag at the end (#7) without the filchers stealing anything from you. The filchers move slowly, so mostly you should be able to run around them, but if they do steal something, and if you want it back, you should find it in one of the piles of "filcher's treasure."

Note: The Filcher's Labyrinth will change each time you visit the Plane of Sorrows, and more filchers will arrive for each visit.

7 - Night Hag

When you reach the Night Hag, she'll be able to transport you back to the land of the living, and you'll appear at the last "ethereal leak" that you touched. The Night Hag will only be able to bring you back three times; after that you'll start at #2, where you'll have to load your game to continue.