Brogan's Tears
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Brogan's Tears
Area Note

You'll need to beat a strength check in order to climb back up the rope to Nimmermaer's well, and that means descending into the area might be a one-way trip (unless you want to exit via the Plane of Sorrows). So finish up any quests or shopping you need to do first.

1 - Ratling

If you talk to the ratling, you'll learn that he used to be Baron Androleth before being cursed by a warlock, and that he was cursed because of his loyalty to you. It doesn't make any difference (in this module) how you treat him. He'll stay where he is and fight rats while you move on.

2 - Rats

Several rats will spawn on the island here. If you have a ranged attack and feel the need for a few more experience points, you can kill the rats without repercussion.

3 - Ethereal Leak


A. Rope back up to the well.

B. Ramp leading up to the barrow site in Brogan's Arm.