The Elkenherd
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The Elkenherd
1 - Bernhardt Huntersfeldt

Bernhardt is the village's Elkenbeast shepherd. If you ask him about the dead Elkenbeast at his feet, he'll tell you that it died suddenly, and he'll ask you to buy a potion of resistance from Nimmermaer (in Brogan's Arm) so he can protect the rest of the herd. If you do so you'll earn 50 experience.

Also, if you question Bernhardt thoroughly, you should learn that his brother died 12 years ago, a victim to a hungry crag cat. If you ask him what he would tell his brother if he could, then he'll give you an answer, and if you relay that answer to his brother's spirit in the Plane of Shadows, you'll gain 45 experience.

2 - Ethereal Leak

3 - Elkentree

Supposedly there is a hidden cache of gold inside the tree. You should be able to find the cache if you:

A) Provoke the blacksmith into telling you he hid his gold there, and

B) Get Nimmermaer to tell you about his raven Raggletag, and how Raggletag is always searching for gold.

However, either there is another requirement, or else the cache is slightly buggy, because I've never actually had a character find it.


A. Gate back to Brogan's Arm.