The Battlefield
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The Battlefield
1 - Starting Point

In the brief introductory sequence, you'll get a chance to talk to your dying prince. He'll ask you to "tell the king that she is dead," but you won't know who he's talking about.

Once the module actually starts, you'll meet the Ragpicker. If you fail a save, she'll cut off one of your fingers but then immediately give it back (leaving you with a severed finger). Currently, there isn't any upside or downside to this event. The Ragpicker will also offer you a gold ring or an iron ring. If you pick the gold ring, you'll receive an ordinary gold ring. If you pick the iron ring, you'll receive a strange iron ring, which has a unique power. Using the power will let you have a conversation with a mysterious voice, and you'll get some experience for the things you'll learn.

Try to exhaust all possible conversation options with the Ragpicker. Then you'll gain some experience for learning new things and for advancing the plot. Among other things, the Ragpicker will suggest that you seek out the Night Hag, who lives in the Mountain Cemetery.

Note: The Ragpicker is also a shopkeeper, but she does not give good prices (she gives "ragpicker prices"), unless you can convince her otherwise. So you might want to wait until you meet the Night Hag before you sell anything.

Finally, you should notice the body of Prince Ahmed nearby, impaled on a pike. If you take the body down from the pike, build a cairn, and then pray, you should receive some experience and a blessing. You can also then pick up the prince's pike. The pike has a unique power, which, once you've visited the Plane of Sorrows, will allow you to kill yourself and return to the Plane more easily.

2 - Witchbane

You'll find the dwarven axe Witchbane lying on the ground here. You'll get experience for picking it up, and somebody later in the module will recognize it.

3 - Boulder

You can write an inscription on the boulder, but to do that you'll need a chisel and some sort of hammer. You can find the chisel at #4. You can find a hammer either for sale at the Ragpicker, or on a goblin in the Northern Pass. You'll receive experience when you write the inscription, but it doesn't seem to matter what you say.

4 - Corpse with Chisel

You'll find a chisel on a corpse here. You'll need the chisel if you want to etch an inscription on the boulder to the south (#3).


A. Path to the Northern Pass.